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March 23, 2017

Petron Wants to Make Your Summer Road Trips Smoother

With the summer holiday season just around the corner, Petron Corporation is reminding motorists to get their car ready for long road trips. While people invest a lot of time and energy planning their itineraries, they often forget that reaching their destination and coming home safely is even more important. A visit to your nearest Petron service station or Petron Car Care Center can help make your holiday trip worry-free.

First up, Petron recommends changing your engine oil. With oil acting as the engine’s lifeblood, the right motor oil ensures smooth and efficient operation. Petron offers a range of world-class engine oils such as the Petron Ultron for gasoline engines, Petron Rev-X for diesel engines, and Petron Sprint 4T for motorcycles. And to get maximum benefit, it’s best paired with Petron’s line of fuels: Petron Blaze 100, Petron XCS, and Petron Xtra Advance for gasoline and Petron Diesel Max and Petron Turbo Diesel for diesel engines.

Whether you are driving a sedan, SUV, or motorcycle, visit your nearest Petron service station as part of your pre-road trip routine. And while you’re there, have the Petron service crew for a free BLOWBAG Safety Check which covers Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Batteries, Air, and Gas.

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