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December 24, 2020

Mazda Philippines Delivers Christmas Gift for Pangolin Preservation

Just in time for Christmas, the Katala Foundation has received their promised BT-50 3.2-liter 4x4 Pangolin Edition. Their new pickup truck will help support the NGO’s conservation activities for the endemic Palawan Pangolin.

The brand-new special series BT-50 will replace the organization’s aging 1996 Mazda Proceed, and is slated to see service with the foundation for one year to support its pangolin monitoring and population checking activities in different locations around Palawan.

The BT-50 Pangolin Edition was shipped out of the Mazda Center of Excellence facility in Cabuyao, Laguna last December 9, 2020. It was received by Katala Foundation representatives last December 18, 2020 and will immediately see action starting this Christmas season.

“With all the challenges and threats that the Palawan Pangolin is currently facing, it is only fitting that Mazda Philippines sends over its Christmas gift for the pangolins this early so that we can help stop the trafficking and contribute to their protection and preservation,” says Mazda Philippines president and CEO, Steven Tan. 

“We are committed to support Katala Foundation’s activities as it pursues the conservation status of one of the most endangered species in the world,” Tan adds. “It is our hope that the Katala Foundation’s use of the BT-50 Pangolin Edition will continue to call attention to the plight of this species and help save the country’s endemic wildlife and fragile ecosystem.”

“This pickup truck also represents the same challenges that the Palawan Pangolin faces today,” shares, Indira Lacerna-Widnann, Project Director of Katala Foundation. “We hope that together with the support of Mazda Philippines, we can finally head for the right direction to achieve the conservation status of this species. We would like to thank Mazda Philippines for this opportunity. It is an honor for us to be its partner in this mission. Our companies share the same passion in our work for this species as well as in the development of this vehicle.”

With its special introductory price of P 1,400,000, the Mazda BT-50 Pangolin Edition is still available at any of Mazda’s 19 showrooms nationwide.

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