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December 22, 2020

More Carmakers Back Subaru's EyeSight Tech

Subaru’s advanced driver assist technology, Subaru EyeSight is heading to more carmakers. As Hitachi Automotive Systems, its developer, is now opening it up first to Isuzu (with the mu-X), and now, Suzuki as well. Its broad acceptance is a testament to the technology, to say the least.

As a refresher, the Subaru EyeSight uses a pair of high-resolution cameras that simulate the human eye. Because it gives stereoscopic vision, it is able to tell depth accurately without the need for more complex radar or lidar technology. This enables carmakers to unlock technology such as autonomous emergency braking and lane keeping alert inexpensively.

With the Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism making it mandatory for all vehicles there to be equipped with collision avoidance braking by 2021, Suzuki has chosen the stereoscopic camera setup as an inexpensive way for its kei car—the Xbee to meet government requirements.

Thanks to the cameras mounted at the top of the windshield, the Xbee becomes the first Suzuki vehicle to gain lane keeping assist. Other features unlocked by the Hitachi system are adaptive cruise control, and of course, forward collision warning with automatic braking.

The HEARTECT-based Xbee is a mild-hybrid kei car that couples a 99 horsepower 1-liter engine with a 3.1 horsepower electric motor.

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