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December 18, 2020

The RX-7 Now Benefits from Mazda's Classic Car Parts Program

Two years after it announced the first-ever classic car parts re-supply program for its MX-5, Mazda is giving yet another beloved vehicle the same treatment: the second- and third-generation RX-7.

The Japanese carmaker announced that their rotary-powered sportscars, the second-generation RX-7 aka Savannah RX-7 (produced from 1985 to 1992), and the third-generation RX-7 (produced 1991 to 2002) will have selected parts re-manufactured. Mazda said they have coordinated with their suppliers to ensure their high-quality, and that they have initially selected “high need” parts first.

So far, Mazda has selected 30 parts for the second- and 61 parts for the third-generation RX-7. These parts will be made available by February 2021 at Mazda dealers across Japan. The full list of parts will be made available soon. Take note though that these parts do not come cheap, but they are important for owners who plan to keep their cars for a long time or ultimately want to restore them to a factory-fresh condition.

No news if Mazda plans to offer a restoration service for the RX-7.

After Mazda announced a parts re-supply program for a modern classic, both Nissan and Toyota have followed suit with their GT-R and Supra.

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