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August 4, 2017

Mazda Starts Offering MX-5 Parts Re-Supply, Restoration Service

As Mazda zooms in on its centennial year in 2020, the Hiroshima-based automaker announced a classic car program last year. Today, they have announced the first model to benefit from this program: the MX-5 NA.

The iconic roadster will benefit from Mazda’s Restore Service which consists of two parts: first is a parts re-supply program and second, and more interestingly, a full-on restoration business.

The parts re-supply service for the MX-5 NA sees Mazda reproducing some parts of the original 1989 roadster including the Bridgestone SF325 185/60R14 tires, the NARDI wood steering wheel and shift knob, and the soft top’s vinyl fabric roof. All of these parts are produced using current technology but are reminiscent of the original state’s. Mazda will also work with MX-5 owners to expand the parts re-supply catalogue.

Meanwhile, for its full-on restoration service, Mazda will begin accepting customer cars within 2017 (in Japan at least) to bring them to a “state close to the original.” These cars will be worked on at a Mazda facility ensuring that they will have the highest quality. Mazda is, in fact, in the process of getting a classic car garage certification from TÜV Rheinland Japan Co., Ltd.

There’s currently no news if Mazda plans to expand the full-on restoration service outside of Japan. However, Mazda MX-5 NA owners will at least benefit from the parts re-supply business especially if they’re looking for relatively hard to find items.

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