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August 25, 2017

Mitsubishi Philippines to Prove MIVEC Advantage with Montero Sport, Strada Test Drive Tour

After the successful Head-to-Head Test Drive Challenge last year, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) is bringing another test drive activity to the public: the MIVEC Clean Diesel Advantage Test Drive Tour. This time, the test drive activity aims to highlight the unparalleled engine performance of the powerful, yet efficient MIVEC Clean Diesel that’s powering the Montero Sport and Strada. Through this event, MMPC will be able to demonstrate to the public the advantage of the MIVEC clean diesel engine over the other available competitor brands.

MMPC will take the test drive activity all around the country once again to let the customers experience through custom-made tracks the power of MIVEC engine and class leading features of both Montero Sport and Strada. For the Montero Sport, customers will have the opportunity to compare it once more to its competitors. This is the chance for those who weren’t able to take on the Head-to-Head Test Drive Challenge last year to see for themselves the impressive overall performance of the Montero Sport versus competitors. Plus, customers will also get to drive Strada on the tracks specially made to test the superior specifications and features of the two models.

On August 26 to 27, MMPC will take the MIVEC Clean Diesel Advantage Test Drive Tour to Marikina and San Pablo, Laguna.

For the Marikina leg, the test drive will be held at the Parking A and B of SM Marikina from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Simultaneously, SFM Sales Corp. – San Pablo branch will also hold a test drive in their dealership at SFM Sales Corp. Kilometer 85.5 Maharlika Highway, Brgy. San Ignacio, San Pablo City from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Schedule of other provincial leg will be posted at MMPC’s official Facebook page and website.


  1. Select your cup of coffee...

    Montero - 176 x 400
    MuX - 161 x 380
    Navara - 187 x 450
    Fortuner - 174 x 450
    Everest - 197 x 479
    Duramax - 200 x 500

    Verdict = Those listed Suv's will bend their knees before the DURAMAX while Sedans & Crossovers will just be toys and their drivers pretending to look like smart young boys !

    Driveep safely..

    1. Panis yan sa Masda3 at Honda city ni fanboy

    2. Colorado's duramax beating lighter compacts? LOL!!!!!
      Kabago-bago lang tong hayop na autoactiv na to nagsabi tungkol sa power to weight ratio sa ibang article dito sa website na ito. Nakalimot ata agad si ulol.

    3. Everest Titanium Premium 3.2 4x4 is the best in its class. You don't buy a PPV for racing.

      That Duramax Chevy Trailblazer doesn't even have side and curtain airbags for its TOTL variant. LOL!

    4. Eh bakit hindi inilalagay ang power to weight ratio sa mga brochures at specs ng sasakyan?
      Meaning to say, that the power to weight ratio is just secondary and it's effect in general is neglible or not felt practically. Sa madaling salita, hindi ito mahalaga kaya hindi masyado binibigyan ng importansya ng mga carmakers at carbuyers.

    5. Isipin mo nalang yung mga superbike na may 1,000cc na makina at Toyota Wigo. Hindi nga ba halos lumipad na yung superbike na may 1,000cc na makina dahil magaan ang superbike as compared sa Wigo na meron din 1,000cc na makina.

      Yan ang Power to weight ratio.

    6. E di talo pa rin un Motorsiklo sa Wigo.
      Kasi lumipad sya at pagbaba semplang sya.
      Kaya hindi na sya umabot sa Wigo.

      The point is, small cars with small displacement engines will never outpower or overtake cars with bigger engines and higher power outputs. There a lot of factors to consider.
      1) Small cars are unstable.
      2) Small cars cannot run at high speed on unpaved roads.
      3) Small cars have lower maximum speed due to its smaller displacement and lesser power and torque output.
      4) The result is kulelat ang mga sedan at crossovers. Maiiwanan talaga ang mga the open highways and on the rugged roads, ika nga.."kakain sila ng alikabok"!.

    7. So you're telling us, a wrx or even a civic rs cannot outrun your colorado? Yeah right. Go troll somewhere else. Wag magpakabobo, baka may ibang bobo na makabasa ng sinabi mo at maniwala pa.

    8. What im saying above is a fact.
      To prove it mathematically, lets find out the relation between Power and Speed.

      Horsepower is proportional to Speed.
      Or in other words, Power varies directly with Speed. It means, if Power increases, Speed also increases.

      Then what is the effect of weight?

      Weight is bad: If the vehicle is not moving or stationary. You need greater force to move or accelerate a heavier static (not moving) vehicle.

      Weight is Good for a moving vehicle especially at high speeds. Weight increases the Momentum of a dynamic or moving object which in turn increases speed and accelaration.

      So far on this explanation. Hope i shed some light. Thx.

    9. You forgot about aerodynamics. Your colorado's drag coefficient must be pretty horrible, hence it cannot outrun smaller compacts even at faster speeds.

      You really are a clown dude. Patawa ka lang. I realized that you shouldn't be taken seriously. Ikaw na mismo nag cite ng power to weight ratio as a defense sa isang article tapos ngayon, against ka na naman dito? You are contradicting yourself.

    10. Hello everyone. Hwag kayong magagalit sa mga walang kwentang comments ni AutoActiv. That's his job in this site, paramihin ang commenters and visits. So, if anyone disagrees on his ideas, I suggest you let him be.

    11. It's not all fun and games if someone actually believes him. His false statements can cause harm to others. Baka mapahiya yung mga maniniwala sa kanya in the event that they converse with someone who's actually knowledgeable with cars. What's worse, someone may actually believe his recommendations and buy the wrong vehicle!!! That's why it is up to us to stop this idiot from expanding his influence over the weak-minded fools.

    12. Now lets see what is the effect of Drag.

      200Hp x 500Nm versus 130hp x 160Nm sedan or crossover:

      The maximum effect of Drag on a box shape (worst shape) vehicle is 15% reduction in Power.

      So 15% x 200 = 30hp.
      Deduct 30 hp from 200 hp, one would still get 170hp net horsepower.

      Its clear that 170hp net is still far greater than 130hp even assuming these cars have zero drag which is impossible.

      On torque same analogy:
      15% x 500= 75Nm.
      500-75= 425Nm.

      425Nm net torque - 160nm = 264.
      This torque difference is equivalent to torque of two sedans! So how could small engines defeat or destroy biggers engines? Tell us...

    13. Where'd you get that 130hp x 160Nm? And what happened to your power to weight defense regarding the ciaz beating other subcompacts?

      Man you are funny as shit. Fake it till you make it right? But please let people know that your statements are for entertainment purposes only. Non-car people might actually believe your pseudo-intellectual bullshit.

      I'm no physicist but I'm sure as hell drag and horsepower do not work like that. Masyadong simpleng pag isiisip yan. Hey, a ford focus or a civic rs can easily outrun your bigger engined colorado. Try again moron.

  2. Wait for the coming Isuzu engine 1.9 and 3.0 upgraded.
    150/350 n 177/430
    Truck n Crawl

    1. According to Lto, isuzu cars could no longer be registered next year. Kasi euro 1 pa lng ang kaya i-take ng makina nila. Matibay ang isuzu kaso panget, mabagal at mausok!

  3. 200/500=early overhaul and engine components breakdown

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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