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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

5 Reasons Why a Small Car’s Perfect for the Urban Warrior

Smart cars are ruling the sales charts. Often passed over in favor of larger automobiles, small cars are now in the spotlight because they’re getting sleeker and smarter, fitting the lifestyle of the typical urbanite.

The Hyundai Eon, for example, has been a shining example for Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc., or HARI, the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the country. Since its launch, the Eon has carved a chunk of the market for itself and has generated a strong a loyal following. It’s got the looks, the drive, and the personality.

Toasting to the success of the Hyundai Eon, here are 5 reasons why small cars are perfect for the urban warrior.

# 1. It’s Easy to Maneuver in Traffic

With an overall length of less than 3.5 meters (3.495 meters to be exact), the Eon’s size is enough to make it maneuverable around town. But aside from its cutesy proportions, its swoopy European-inspired design is highlighted by the generous glass area making for excellent visibility. Plus, with its Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS), it can literally turn on a dime. The 4.55-meter turning radius is easily one of the smallest, if not the smallest, in the market. Those small eskenitas and U-Turn slots don’t stand a chance!

Oh, and don’t under estimate the Eon at higher speed too. It’s precise and controllable, thanks to its generous tracks (1,386 millimeters at front, 1,368 millimeters at the back). Body roll has also been significantly reduced by mounting the front stabilizer directly on the strut.

# 2. It’s Comfy

Other small cars aren’t really known for their comfort, but comfort is front and center when it comes to the Eon. Its platform promotes a cushy ride thanks to an I-shaped front subframe that isolates unwanted vibration away from the cabin. Plus, the front Independent MacPherson Strut suspension has been tweaked with a caster angle that results in a plusher ride.

For the designated driver, he’s treated to a seat cushion and side bolsters with multi-density foam. This promotes maximum comfort where it’s needed the most. Along with a tilt-adjustable steering wheel, finding a great driving position is certainly easy. For the rest of occupants, they can enjoy the quick and efficient cooling of the Eon’s air conditioning and the full-featured entertainment system with an Auxiliary and USB input.

# 3. It’s Smart and Safe

The Eon’s got intelligent design. The miniscule frame features larger than life style with its trademark Hyundai hexagonal grille, swept-back headlights, and hip flowing character lines. Apart from looking cool, it promotes excellent aerodynamics: 0.35 co-efficient of drag, better than some supercars.

It may be a sub-compact, but the Eon’s generous enough for all sorts of storage solutions. There are plenty of cubby holes and other compartments like dashboard storage, an open storage tray at the center fascia, cup holders, floor console, door map pockets, and seat back pockets for handy items and other gadgets. Oh, and with 215 liters of cargo space (with a handy shelf cover to keep valuables away from view), it can handily fit a week’s worth of grocery or an overnight bag or two. If that’s still not enough, the rear bench is foldable enabling the Eon to fit larger gear.

And when the going gets tough, the Eon gets going. Its body structure is made of Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) manufactured by Hyundai’s own steel plant. It also has a reinforced floor panel, optimized radiator support panel, and door side impact beams that protects occupants in the unlikely event of a crash. Plus, it has 3-point ELR seatbelts for all outboard passengers, and a child safety rear door lock.

# 4. It’s Fuel Efficient

Packing a 0.8-liter MPI engine, the Eon can go the distance. The Epsilon engine incorporates many weight-saving measures such as a plastic inlet manifold and plastic head cover, and low friction coated pistons and piston rings. Even the 5-speed manual comes with a Shift Indicator in the instrument panel promoting efficient driving. The result? A best-in-class 22.90 km/L (continuous driving at 60-80 km/h). And with a 32-liter tank, regular visits to the petrol station can be done at 700-kilometer intervals? How’s that for convenience?

And don’t think the Eon’s all about fuel efficiency too. The Euro 4 compliant engine produces healthy figures: 56 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 74.5 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. Together with a manual gearbox that offers smooth gearshift control, pulling a body that weighs less than 780 kilograms is a cinch! It’s definitely adept for everyday driving around the metro.

# 5. It’s Affordable to Maintain 

Lower fuel bills form just one part of the great Hyundai Eon ownership experience. Thanks to smart and efficient packaging, Preventive Maintenance Service or PMS costs just P 2,984.00 on the average. Taking into account 5 visits for the first year, that’s just P 0.75 per kilometer, far lower than many in its class.

Plus, for those who’re always pressed for time, Hyundai makes Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) visits much easier. Thanks to Hyundai’s new Fast Track Service Bay, PMS jobs can be done in as little as 30 minutes or its free!

And like all other Hyundai vehicles, the Eon comes with the country’s first and own 5-Year / Unlimited Mileage Warranty. Say goodbye to the typical 100,000-kilometer warranty cap and drive without hesitation! As a true lifetime partner, Hyundai’s warranty advantage covers the Engine, Transmission, Electrical System, and Body & Paint—components which aren’t typically covered by other manufacturer’s warranties.


  1. Having driven an A-segment subcompact car (Hyundai Getz and Mitsubishi Mirage), I do not think they're "comfy" to drive. There is no legroom to speak of, and the handling leaves a lot to be desired. The sweet spot for Metro Manila traffic is still the B-segment compact car. And for less than 900k, you can get a TOTL Mazda2 or even a good-spec'd Honda City.

  2. Kia picanto is probably the best of this segment. Very practical for city use

  3. After seeing the Brio pinned under a cement truck incident, I wonder if getting a bigger SUV will increase your chances of living in the same situation

    1. Maybe it will increase your chance of living but its not everyday that a cement truck will crush your car. That was a freak accident.

  4. I think both big or small car has its own advantages and disavantage, all you need to do is choose what suits you best

  5. I have been driving Suzuki Celerio for a year now, and it is a wow! Not really a perfection in terms of design and performance, but it is the most worthy one of the segment.


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