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Saturday, August 19, 2017

2018 Honda CR-V Gets 5-Star Safety Rating; 9th Honda Model to Achieve Perfect Score

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has just announced that the recently launched all-new 2018 CR-V has been awarded a 5-Star Safety Rating by the ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). It’s the 9th time and the 4th current model to receive a perfect score.

In addition, the all-new CR-V is the first Honda model to be awarded with a perfect score under the new ASEAN NCAP Assessment 2017-2020 Protocol. The new assessment protocol urges carmakers to give the best safety practices in the region and has been in effect since January 1, 2017.

The all-new CR-V achieved 5-star safety rating from an outstanding overall score of 88.8 out of 100. The new ASEAN NCAP Assessment includes a frontal offset impact test, side impact test, and evaluation of safety features such as the Honda SENSING. The All-New CR-V also received impressive scores for Adult Occupant Protection (AOP), Child Occupant Protection (COP) and Safety Assist.

The top-of-the-line CR-V SX Diesel 9AT AWD comes with Honda’s advanced driving assist system called Honda SENSING. The advanced technological feature consists of a millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera mounted on the upper, inside part of the windshield which provides greater awareness of driving conditions around the vehicle. It also provides warnings to the driver and supports the driver in avoiding or mitigating the severity of a collision.

Meanwhile, the SX Diesel 9AT AWD, S Diesel 9AT, and 2.0 S CVT variants are also equipped with Honda LaneWatch, a unique system that displays an additional 80 degree view of the right side of the vehicle from the side mirror view using a camera built into the passenger-side mirror. Both technologies received awards from the “Safety Technology” car maker category at the ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards in 2016 and 2014 respectively.

The All-New CR-V offers a full range of active and passive safety features, along with the standard body structure featuring Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) and G-Force Control (G-CON) technology, Dual SRS Airbags, i-Side Airbags, Side Curtain Airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), and a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera. All of these features further ensure the safety of all passengers of the 2018 CR-V.

Honda Model Lineup with 5-Star ASEAN NCAP Results:
Notes: Variants not equipped with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and Seatbelt Reminder (SBR) are rated 4-Stars. For 2016 Civic and 2015 HR-V, variants without SBR are rated 4-Stars.


  1. hi ulysses, im a first time buyer choosing between this (sx) and the forester. i like the bells and whistles of sx (honda sensing) and the fact that it's diesel and all-new -- but i may be exaggerating them a bit compared to forester's advantage (the engine). what do you think is a better car for city driving? im not in a hurry to buy but the excise tax is forcing me to decide soon. forester with eyesight would have made the comparison easier but it's not available here. would love to get your suggestion because im a first time buyer (and i dont drive a lot).

    1. The problem with the CRV diesel is the electronic transmission, it will surely be prone to breakdowns. Take for example the Brake Hold Assist of the Civic, Montero and other cars from others manufacturers, they frequently have problems.

      If im in your position, i'll check the CX5 first then make a comprehensive study of all variants that suits your budget and all the pros and cons between CRV, Forester and CX5.

    2. I did check CX5 first but the interior space seems like a sedan (or smaller) so I removed it from my checklist. Another (though quite different) route I'm considering is to wait for the new Accord or Camry but they may not come out before the end of the year. What is your take on using the same budget to get a higher tier car but 2nd hand?

    3. Well, since you're a first time car buyer. It's a good thought to ponder since you will have a first hand experience on how to maintain a car whether in a casa or in a 3rd party shops. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher.

      But the problem is the possibility of the excise tax starting 2018 so you're treading a perilous track.

      I suggest you test drive the Forester and choose among its different variants that fits your budget. It's a solid choice even if it's due for a full model change in about a year or two. And btw, Subaru has a OUTSTANDING SAFETY FEATURES that's world renowned. It's called the Volvo of Asia, you'll have the peace mind to ferry the most precious cargo of your life - your family.

      P.S. I own an aging Camry 3.5Q V6

    4. I've had the experience of owning a 2nd hand car before. It was a bittersweet lesson for me. You have to bring your trusted mechanic with you.

    5. Checked the new CX5 today and I'm starting to change my mind. Not sure if the legroom/spance has changed but it felt "OK" and roomier than the old one. I'm looking at the AWD Sport variant but the base variant is also not bad. It definitely is the best in its class as far as look/interior are concerned. Would love to test drive the CRV but it isn't available yet.

      I read the review post about CX-5 AWD Sport and concerns were raised about it's fuel consumption. How is it compared to Forester XT or base CRV 2017 gas variant?

    6. FirtTimeBuyer just like you I had to choose among the CUVs we have in the market, Subaru Forester, Honda CRV, Mazda CX5, Toyota RAV 4. Looking at the reasons of me buying a car -- practicality, reliability, efficiency and premium-feel -- I decided to go for the CRV. Although I like the exterior design and the driving experience of CX5, it is no match to the CRV's efficiency, features, and cargo space. I also don't need much power in my car considering that I usually do city driving and the worsening traffic conditions does not call us to drive faster. Also, Honda CRV got a 5-star safety rating and ranked 1st in the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Index.


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