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August 12, 2017

Würth Car Care Products Now in Blade Auto Center

The Würth car care product line is now available in Blade Auto Center, the biggest automotive accessories retail chain store in the Philippines. Würth is Germany’s biggest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and producer of chemicals, lubricants, and other automotive hardware. With Wurth’s products now available in Blade Auto Centers nationwide, car owners can now experience the German quality and reliability Würth is known for.

Engineered and manufactured in Europe, Würth products boast of highly effective formulations that make cars run like new, as if they just rolled-off the dealership. Würth’s car care line sold in Blade Auto Center includes maintenance solutions like silicone sprays, spray-on grease, rust removers, brake cleaners, and fuel system and injection cleaners. A wide array of interior and exterior cleaning agents such as rapid windscreen cleaner, active glass cleaner, interior cleaner, and quick fresh active odor-eliminator are also available to ensure your car always feels, looks, and smells fresh.

“We are [truly] excited to have our products available in Blade [Auto Centers]” said Ariel de Jesus, Würth Philippines Managing Director. “Being meticulous about one’s car is not limited to car enthusiasts anymore. Nowadays, petrol-heads and regular car owners alike are caring more and more about their cars, and our products will help them achieve this,” de Jesus added.

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  1. I bought a Wurth interior cleaner for my car, it smells good! It's a bit expensive but you get what you pay for.


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