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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Want to Save on A Car Wash This Rainy Season? Try DIYing

It’s the rainy season once more and because of that, some people would opt to skip the car wash altogether. And while that can save you a couple of bucks right now, it won’t do your car’s paint any good. Neglect will eventually eat into your car’s finish, prematurely dulling its luster and shine. Thankfully, you don’t have to curse each time you drive off the detailers in the rain. Because, you can always DIY or Do-It-Yourself.

DIYing certainly has its benefits. Aside from being cheaper, you can actually do it in the comfort and convenience of your own garage (you can also do it when you have an hour or two to spare, even at night). Plus, it’s good exercise.

Now, picking the right DIY product is daunting, especially when it comes to exterior care. With the sheer amount of choices out there, it’s best to pick a brand that’s trusted by the professionals.

Enter: the Sonax Red Series.

Developed with the same technology in their Professional Series, the Sonax Red Series is designed for DIYers. It’s an easy 3-part car exterior care system that keeps any ride looking new.

It all starts with the Sonax Gloss Shampoo. It easily removes loose dirt and road grime and thanks to its phosphate-free and pH-balanced formulation. It’s also much more effective on stubborn dirt without diminishing your car’s paintwork. Plus, it’s safe on most surfaces and is environmentally-friendly.

Next up, is the so-called “star product” of the Red Series: Sonax Easy Shine. The Easy Shine is a natural carnauba-based product that contains fine abrasives to gently polish away light defects, fine swirls, and minor oxidation. It acts like a liquid detailer that can be used on most surfaces: paintwork, chrome, wheels, tires, glass, and finishes off with a clean glossy shine. The best part is that it can be applied in direct sunlight with no risk of smearing or drying out.

Finally, finish off that DIY job with the Sonax High-Speed Wax. Also a natural carnauba-based product, it acts as a paintwork sealant and is designed to protect against industrial fallout, bird-droppings, and water spots. A few spritzes and light buffing with a microfiber cloth will impart that coveted warm glow and smooth surface feel.

The Sonax Red Series can be purchased at all Blade outlets nationwide.

For more information about the Red Series or any other Sonax product, contact Sonax Philippines via their Facebook page or their mobile phone: +63 917 575 4812 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm).

And for more about exterior car care you can check out Why Your New Car Needs a Detailing and The Art of Keeping Your Car Clean.

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