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December 27, 2020

For Less Than P800k Toyota Has Come Up with This Cute-Looking EV

Despite its president, Akio Toyoda, questioning a pre-mature shift to EVs, Toyota is pushing ahead with its plans to adopt battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology. Curiously, one of their first Japanese domestic models is this—the Toyota C+ Pod.

Not be confused with the computer programming language, the C+ Pod is a two-seater EV. The reason for such a configuration was that Toyota wanted to achieve a “high level of energy efficiency per person” in terms of movement.

Measuring at just 2,490 mm in length and a width of 1,290 mm, the C+ Pod turns on a dime with its 3.9-meter turning radius. The simplistic design hides a body completely made of plastic to save weight (it tops out at 690 kilograms). Yet, despite its small stature, it’s designed to meet crash safety standards be it frontal, rear, or side impacts. It even comes with pre-collision braking assist for both front and back.

Inside, the cabin is equally minimalistic with the switches all integrated on the center panel to realize human-friendly operability.

Powering the C+ Pod is a 12-horsepower, 56 Nm electric motor. Its maximum cruising speed is 60 km/h—barely enough for highway use. Coupled with the motor is a small lithium-ion battery giving it a maximum cruising range of 150 kilometers. In addition, it can be charged in as little as 5 hours using a 16-amp 200V plug, or 16 hours on a 6-amp 100V plug.

Toyota says that production of the C+ Pod is limited for now to gauge market demand. If it proves to be popular, they can start full-scale production, and expand its business in the EV sphere. For those curious as to its price, it retails for about 1,716,000 yen or about P 798,000.

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