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February 4, 2022

Kia Philippines Posts 76 Percent Growth In 2021

While the auto industry continues to face challenges, Kia Philippines reported selling 3,748 vehicles in 2021—a massive 76 percent increase outpacing the industry's 18 percent, one of the highest in the industry.

The Korean automaker’s substantial growth in 2021 was led by the Stonic (lead photo), followed by the Soluto and the K2500 truck.

The Kia Stonic was first introduced to the local market in October 2020 and quickly became the top-selling model for the automotive company. The Kia Stonic covered 37 percent of total sales.

The next model to take most of the share is the Kia Soluto which accounted for 21 percent of the company’s total sales. 

Finally, the third model to contribute to Kia’s success this 2021 is the K2500. It proved to be a trustworthy business partner as this commercial vehicle accounted for 17 percent of total vehicle sales in 2021.

The jump in sales ends a momentous 2021 wherein Kia Philippines gained the confidence and trust of more Filipinos everywhere by upgrading the quality of their worker’s technical skills and increasing the availability of replacement parts.

Exciting times are up ahead for the car manufacturer, especially after it had just launched a new corporate logo and brand identity. On top of that, Kia Philippines is also slowly remodeling many of its showrooms to champion the company’s new store identity. All these to uphold the philosophy of “Movement that inspires.”

“Our teams are inspired by our refreshed vision to equip Filipinos with everything they need to move towards a brighter, bolder future,” said Manny Aligada, President of Kia Philippines. “We are confident that our purpose-driven vehicles, partnered with our efforts in improving our dealerships, customer care, and after-sales services, will accelerate Kia Philippines into the next phase of growth in 2022 and beyond.”


  1. Sir Uly, Kia and Hyundai vehicles in other countries (ex. Korea, the US, Canada) are experiencing engine problems. The 2 car companies are embroiled in numerous engine failures and recalls, not to mention the 'whistleblower' debacle. Hope Kia and Hyundai vehicles in our country have no engine problems.
    - Mark J.

    1. Kia PH has made recalls in the past but it covered just the Carnival. Hyundai on the other hand has been silent on the entire matter.

    2. Hope Kia Ph and Hyundai Ph will ensure the safety of vehicle owners 🙏
      - Mark J.

  2. Kia should consider bringing back the crdi soul!

  3. Hopefully Ayala does not overprice Kias again. Overpricing by Columbian Motors led to the downfall of Kia. Even Hyundai now with their lady CEO who also handles Changan overpriced both Hyundai and Changan products.


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