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November 8, 2021

Kia Starts A New Chapter In The Philippines

Flashing a new logo, look, and slogan, the Philippines joins the rest of the Kia global family as they usher in a new brand philosophy, new product offers, and a new customer experience.

With the slogan, “Movement that inspires,” Kia is set to lead a transformation through thoughtful design and the elevation of the in-car experience, aiming to provide consumers what they need so they can drive full speed towards what inspires them.

“Our brand’s purpose is to create spaces that will inspire consumers through our product design. To create more time for consumers so they can focus on what inspires them, and what they aspire for. To create innovative experiences that can influence people and today’s culture,” stated Manny Aligada, President of Kia Philippines.

Fulfilling this new brand purpose requires being open to possibilities. In the Philippines, knowledge is what creates these possibilities. Knowledge about different people, cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and needs.

Kia is fully committed to fully integrating this knowledge into its new purpose-driven vehicles. Aside from launching new vehicles such as the all-new Kia Sorento and Kia Stonic Style Edition, it also introduces a more digital customer experience.

“Kia’s presence in the AC Motors brand portfolio further underlines the company’s thrust to adapt and provide according to what is needed, rather than just what is desired. It is there for an important role—to address the diverse mobility needs of Filipino motorists through value and quality. Kia’s goal in moving to serve primarily highlights service, price, and value—propositions identical to those of AC Motors. Through quality service, the best prices, and great value, Kia’s partnership with AC Motors assures Filipinos of vehicles designed to suit their preferences, and service that goes beyond their needs,” said Toti Zara, President of AC Motors Automobile Group.

Scheduling a test drive or a visit to a dealership comes with ease thanks to Kia’s upgraded online channels and social media setups. In the near future, dealerships will incorporate a brand-new Corporate Identity (CI) enabling customers to sense the new spirit of Kia from its new look and feel.

As for customer service, various training programs have been developed to ensure that all Kia sales representatives take customers through every step of the process with extra care and personalized service. And this new level of attention extends even after the sale is made.

Kia’s new brand message, “Movement that inspires,” comes at a good time for Filipinos. These days everyone could all use a reminder that there is still a future to be optimistic about, and that everyone can achieve our dreams during these challenging times. With Kia’s new brand image and purpose, it can certainly be the right inspiration to re-ignite the drive for life.


  1. Will Kia PH still sell the Rio? I think the hatchback has been made obsolete by the Stonic.

  2. Bring a better equipped 2022 Seltos please, w/ new logo, rear AC vents, AWD & ADAS features.


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