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November 17, 2021

Is This The 2023 Mazda CX-60?

Just a day after Mazda unveiled its North American exclusive CX-50, it looks like they’re almost ready to unveil its next two-row SUV: the 2023 CX-60.

Snapped by spy photographers completely undisguised in what looks to be Mazda’s proving ground, the CX-60 won’t take on the decidedly off-road and rugged look of the CX-50. Instead, this two-row SUV will go with something more elegant.

Destined to be sold in all other markets save the US (yes, that would include the Philippines), the CX-60 contains design elements already present in the refreshed 2022 CX-5. This is despite the CX-60 being positioned above it in terms of size, and of course, price. This is seen in a similarly-shaped grille as well as the decision to color-coordinate all the fenders. However, the CX-60 does have a unique lighting signature with what appear to be DRLs cutting through the edges of the wing-shaped grille. It also looks to be sporting 20-inch alloy wheels.

Although not too obvious in the white-colored model being driven, the CX-60 continues Mazda’s use of light and shadow (ala the CX-30 and Mazda3) to give it an unmistakable side character line despite the absence of any creases or molding.

The CX-60 is part of Mazda’s Large Product group, and with that, it will likely be the debut product of the brand’s new rear-wheel drive architecture. The long hood, and frankly, BMW-like proportions is highly suggestive of that. Aside from a longitudinally-mounted engine, this SUV will debut the brand’s new family of inline-6 gasoline and diesel engines.

If these spy shots are true, how do you find the design of the Mazda CX-60?


  1. The design looks good, although basically the same design with the current offering. Was hoping for an evolution or improvement of their design language.

    I more excited on the inline 6 and RWD. Could this be a poor man's BMW?

    1. seems that is Mazda's direction. Plus, this same platform is rumored to be used on some Lexus models too.

  2. The CX-50 looks better, the proportions of this CX-60 looks odd.

    1. Agreed. This looks so misshapen one would think it's a mule.

  3. Yang mazda na yan pare pareho itsura.. from mazda 2 to cx90..nakakasawa na.
    Except for the mx5.


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