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November 18, 2021

Boxy Is Beautiful With The Kia Concept EV9

After the EV6, Kia is now ready to show off a bigger EV. The Concept EV9 is a concept car at this stage, but it does preview a production model coming in the next few years.

About the same size as the Telluride, also rides on the brand’s dedicated EV platform, the E-GMP.

Like the EV6, the Concept EV9 is visually represented by its “Opposites United” design philosophy. The sizeable canvas features crisp body lines. With EVs not requiring a large grille, Kia has opted to use its trademark Tiger Nose onto the lighting instead. The concept also has a flat hood with an air extraction vent and tucked inside it are solar panels to provide some charging to the batteries. At the top, the roof rails are power retractable giving people the choice of carrying capacity or better aerodynamics. At the back are slim taillights and at each corner are 22-inch wheels.

The Concept EV9’s interior is spacious and airy dominated by a 27-inch screen floating above the dash. According to Kia, the concept uses may green materials such as upholstery from recycled plastic bottles and wool fibers, flooring made from fishing nets and “vegan leather.”

Kia also added some reconfigurability to the cabin. The regular, forward-facing layout is called Active Mode, which is used for driving. Pause Mode flips the front seats around to face the third row, while the second-row folds into a table. Enjoy Mode turns all three rows to the rear so that occupants can take in the view through the open hatch—perfect for tailgating.

Being a design concept, Kia didn’t provide details to the powertrain. But since it uses the E-GMP platform, it should support a cruising range north of 480 kilometers. It will surely be available with dual motors and all-wheel drive like the smaller EV6.

An exact time frame for the production model was not announced.

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