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November 29, 2021

Mazda Is First Carmaker In The Philippines To Participate In Emissions Offsetting Program

Mazda is the first carmaker in the Philippine to participate in a carbon dioxide (CO2) offsetting program for its fleet thanks to a new collaboration with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation.

The Voluntary Carbon Offset program recognizes that, while the industry is trying to avoid or reduce emissions, the need for traditional fuel options still remains during the transition. Through Pilipinas Shell, participating companies can offset their fleet’s unavoidable CO2 emissions produced by the fuel purchased from Shell-branded service stations.

The program calculates a fleet’s overall fuel expenditure and its associated CO2 emissions. The emissions are compensated by carbon credits purchased by Pilipinas Shell for the customers from a global portfolio of nature-based projects. These projects are independently verified to the highest internationally recognized standards.

“This collaboration will hopefully raise the awareness of the public and other company fleets to be conscious about the CO2 emissions generated from their business activities, as well as the action that they can take to address it,” said President and CEO of Mazda Philippines Steven Tan. “Mazda continues to challenge itself to further improve its technologies by combining our unique, efficient engines with electrical drive technologies, and deploys the appropriate technology and propulsion solutions to the markets that meet the requirement.”

Chris Alli, Country Business Manager at Shell Fleet Solutions, shares Shell’s ventures towards driving carbon neutral.

“Shell’s target is to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society. Our current business plans do not bring us there yet, so we need to change to help us move faster towards the target,” said Alli. “The Voluntary Carbon Offset program is an important customer offer. We hope that we can reach more purpose-driven brands like Mazda to collaborate with, drive awareness, and start taking the necessary steps for this cause.”

Mazda’s collaboration with Pilipinas Shell is in line with its long-term vision of “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030,” which aims to achieve carbon neutrality through the development of hybrid systems and electrification, while championing innovations that lessen carbon emissions in car engines. All Mazda vehicles are equipped with Skyactiv Technology, which improves fuel efficiency and emits less CO2 than their previous powertrain technology.

Offsetting carbon emissions is one of Pilipinas Shell’s solutions to reduce the carbon footprint in the mobility sector in addition to avoiding and reducing emissions. Companies can do their part in creating a more sustainable future by collaborating with Shell Fleet Solutions and participating in the Voluntary Carbon Offset program.

For more information, contact Pilipinas Shell Customer Service at +632 8878 8811.

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