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November 29, 2021

Nissan To Introduce All-Electric Sportscar, Pickup Truck By 2030

Along with their Ambition 2030 long-term plan, Nissan has introduced a set of concept cars that best embody this new corporate vision.

The first, the Nissan Chill-Out Concept is a more immediate look at the brand’s concept cars. Previewed when the company announced the EV36Zero manufacturing hub in the United Kingdom, it will share the Ariya’s CMF-EV (Common Module Family-EV) platform.

Moving on, the brand unleashed a trio of EV concepts which show their technological vision for 2030 and beyond. It takes into consideration the direction of EVs will take in the future, especially in the areas of battery technology, hardware, and overall packaging.

At the core of these concept cars is Nissan’s planned all solid-state battery (ASSB). This will allow the carmaker to optimize components and arrange them in a skateboard-like structure. Among the benefits these EVs will have include optimal mass distribution with a very low center of gravity, individually controllable front and rear motors, and of course, autonomous drive capabilities.

The first concept is the Nissan Max-Out. It’s a convertible concept that will deliver a new kind of driving experience only possible with an EV powertrain. The ultra-lightweight sportscar will have balanced cornering and steering responses with limited body roll. The two-seater features the ability to “morph” its seating, flattening the floor to offer more interior space as desired.

Then, there’s the Nissan Surf-Out which shows what an all-electric pickup truck could look like. It has a low and flat cargo space and will provide a smooth ride regardless of terrain. It will also be able to use stored power to power small appliances making it perfect for those who plan to camp in the great outdoors.

Finally, there is the Nissan Hang-Out. With its completely flat floor from front to back, it surpasses the conventional wisdom when it comes to interior layouts. Moreover, it emphasizes providing a quiet and comfortable cabin on the go, and with that, can suppress vibrations and jolts. The carmaker also calls it a “living room in a mobile space” and thus comes with features like theater-like seating.

For now, all these concept cars (save for the Chill-Out Concept) may be more concept than production. It does, however, show the flexibility of their new skateboard platform and the potentials of going with a pure EV powertrain equipped with solid-state batteries.

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