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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Could The Hino 300 Be The Safest Light-Duty Truck In The Philippine Market?

Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (HMP), the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the country, is making driving easier and safer with its new Hino 300 equipped with a fully automatic transmission.

The Hino 300 series, known for its durability and reliability, has been the preferred partner of starting business owners and established enterprises alike. Now with a fully automatic variant, Hino is poised to fill the gap in the steadily increasing demand for small-lot delivery vehicles.

“The pandemic has prompted great changes in transportation and logistics. As e-commerce continues to grow, so does the need for more small cargo carriers and drivers who can conveniently operate them. Hino’s new light duty truck with a true automatic transmission addresses this concern, offering great ease in operability that even new and less-skilled drivers can drive with much confidence and safety,” said HMP President Mitsuharu Tabata.

Aside from offering a 6-speed automatic gearbox, the XZU600LA, also comes with an upgraded safety package consisting of an SRS airbag and an anti-lock braking system (ABS). This makes Hino the first automotive company in the country to offer such features on a light duty truck. With a true automatic transmission, drivers get less fatigued, thereby improving attentiveness on the road. All these add to the overall safety of the driver, vehicle and cargo.

Furthermore, a fully automatic transmission eliminates all hassles on clutch maintenance and repairs. This also helps achieve a more consistent fuel consumption, which is crucial for trucks operating around the clock and drivers having different driving behaviors. A traditional manual transmission’s fuel consumption is greatly influenced by the driver’s skill. A fully automatic transmission, however, makes it easier for business owners to plan and rationalize their operations ahead of time. Overall, a true automatic truck provides real benefits for business owners such as more uptime on operations, lower maintenance costs and consistent fuel consumption, all of which lead to better profits.

The new Hino 300 series also features upgraded amenities such as USB and Bluetooth-capable entertainment system, built-in 4-piece air conditioning vents as well as power doors and windows, and overhead consoles for added convenience.

“At Hino, we provide only the best for our customers. With this fully automatic truck, we intend to upgrade our drivers’ experience, giving much consideration for their safety and well-being while enabling them to perform their important role in our communities. This results in mutual benefits for all concerned,” shared Tabata.

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