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November 18, 2021

Hyundai's New Concept Car Is All About Relaxing, Lounging In A Pandemic

Like its sister company, Kia, Hyundai is showing off an electric vehicle concept that’s meant to preview an upcoming electric SUV. The Hyundai Seven Concept which will likely become the Ioniq 7, is closer to a concept car than a production vehicle at the moment, but the Korean carmaker did confirm that it will use the E-GMP platform—same as their Ioniq 5.

In terms of design, the Seven Concept takes on the brand’s “Parametric Pixel” lighting at both the front and back. Hyundai says the concept has an aerodynamically pure silhouette and you’ll find that in the streamlined roof and extra-long wheelbase—both breaks from traditional ICE forms. It even has air flaps which deploy or retract depending on brake cooling or low-drag requirements.

Moving inside, the Seven Concept is purely a flight of fancy. The interior is living room-like with the swiveling lounge chairs and curved bench seat in the rear. The E-GMP’s flat floor construction together with the concept’s pillar-less coach doors means its easy to get in and out.

Designers imagined the interior to be used in the era of autonomous vehicles. For example, the control stick can retract away when not necessary. It even has appliances such as mini fridge and shoe care compartments to theoretically make shoes smell better.

And since the concept was designed in the age of pandemics, the Seven Concept doesn’t forget “segment-leading hygienic features” too. It’s equipped with both a Hygiene Airflow System and UVC sterilization. The former is an airplane-inspired airflow management system that takes in air via roof-rail-mounted air intakes, then flushes it out an exterior vent by the rear wheels. It’s able to isolate airflow between front and rear occupants and reduce cross contamination of air between people in different parts of the car.

As for the UVC sterilization, that process activates as soon as you get out of the vehicle. UVC sanitizing lights activate and clean the entire space of bacteria and viruses.

A lot of the Hyundai Seven Concept’s features will probably not make it to production, but it’s no secret that Hyundai is planning to introduce a purely EV SUV expected sometime in the next few years. When it does arrive, that one will take on the moniker, Ioniq 7.

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