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November 24, 2021

Let's Take A Look At The Five 2022 Ford Ranger Variants

When Ford pulled the wraps off the all-new 2022 Ranger, they naturally concentrated on the top-of-the-line (discounting the Raptor) Wildtrak trim. It is, after all, their design and tech leader. But what do the other Ranger variants look like?

In the official press kit, Ford provided one single family shot, and you can see it here as this article’s lead photo. But as more information comes pouring out, we now have a better look at how the five global trims look like. Behold the 2022 Ranger XL, XLS, XLT, Sport, and Wildtrak.

Ford’s been clear enough to say that several design features will make their way across all variants. This includes the new C-clamp headlight design, the intersecting horizontal grille, and even luxury-oriented trimming like a bedliner.

With that in mind, let’s look at the work-oriented Ranger XL. It looks like Ford will be making the high-riding suspension standard even on the lowest trim model. Surprisingly, despite the prevalence of black exterior trim, things like side turn signal repeaters and meaty 17-inch tires (on steelies) are standard. It also appears to only have one tow hook at the front. Since it’s a work truck, a steel frame protects the rear windows, but get this, the bed tiedown hooks have migrated from the outside of the bed to the inside for a sleeker look. This variant also doesn’t appear to have the box-step as higher-trim Rangers would have.

Moving to the Ranger XLS, the black exterior trim’s now been replaced by body-colored ones while the steelies now get upgraded to 17-inch six-spoke alloy wheels with a split-spoke design. Front fog lamps are standard on this model upward. No rear shot of the XLS is available, but it’s clear that this variant is the first to get the innovative box step. Oddly enough, the steel frame that protects the rear window remains, but that’s likely a market-specific specification.

From the Ranger XLT upward, the 2022 Ranger is starting to look more and more lifestyle-oriented. This variant appears to benefit from LED front lighting along with LED daytime running lights. Meanwhile, the horizontal bar grille gets a chrome highlight (the only variant to do so). At the back, the XLT is shown with what seems to be an optional bed bar in place of the functional steel frame.

Sitting just below the Wildtrak trim, the Ranger Sport will probably carry the torch for the current FX4 grade. It gets wheels an inch larger too. Zooming in, they’re running on Goodyear Territory HT tires sized 255/65R18s. The front grille treatment is also slightly different with an all-black mesh design. T front over rider acts a support element visually. It also is the first model grade to get twin tow hooks at the front. Like the XLT, it’s shown with a tubular bed bar ala the current FX4.

Finally, we get to the Ranger Wildtrak. Again, the grille treatment looks to be unique compared to the Sport and XLT trims, while the side step board gets a silver painted highlight at the bottom. Dots around the front bumper are likely indicative of front parking sensors, while the side-facing dots mean it will probably keep its Active Park Assist feature. Other differences are found in the wheels which are shod with all-terrain tires (they’re Goodyear Territory AT/S 255/65R18 if you’re curious) and a sleeker looking rear sports bar. The sports bar is actually functional too. It contains strong steel tube rails which act as extra cargo tie down points.

For now, we still do not know if this is how the Philippine-spec Ranger variants will look like since specific market launch details will be announced at a later date. However, it does give us a good first look and what to expect when it launches around the second or third quarter of next year. Which Ranger variant tickles your fancy?


  1. Mas pangit naman Wigo mo diyan ano. Kumag na ito.

  2. Kung sa pormahan lang, t6 parin. Pati loob nun mas straightforward. Tho syempre mas modern sa safety tech ung all-new.

  3. maluluma na agad ang T6 nyo. We're just watching here eating popcorn...


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