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November 15, 2021

Hyundai Reimagining Its Historic Cars With The Heritage Series

Hyundai has given a second model a restomod treatment, and this time, they’re using the 1986 Grandeur flagship sedan as basis.

With the Grandeur celebrating its 35th anniversary, Hyundai has opted to shed light on the original sedan’s symbolic significance by making it the second Heritage Series model.

The carmaker’s design theme reinterpreted the sedan as an all-electric car with the Parametric Pixel exterior lighting and a modernized interior wrapped in burgundy velvet and Napa leather.

From the outside, it shows most of its retro charm, but with tasteful updates, such as new side mirrors, covered wheels, slide cladding and pixel-style LED headlights and taillights that hint at the use of Hyundai’s electric powertrain.

For the interior, designers applied a ‘Newtro (newness + retro)’ concept theme to stimulate passengers’ senses with bronze-colored lighting that is reminiscent of period audio equipment and a modern audiophile sound system to match.

The front seats are fitted with burgundy velvet, inspired by the original Grandeur, with the unexpected twist of elegantly stitched and laced auburn Napa leather on the back. The center console armrest contains a hidden pop-out compartment for storing valuables like watches.

The designers seamlessly integrated the latest technologies alongside retro-cool hardware. They replaced dials and buttons on the dashboard with an ultra-wide, touch-enabled flat-screen display but maintained the ’80s vibe with a single-spoke steering wheel and jet airplane-style gear selector. It also incorporates a 4way4 sound system developed by South Korean sound designer Guk-il Yu that controls the 18-speakers.

The Heritage Series Grandeur joins the 1975 Pony which was the subject of Hyundai’s first restomod treatment.

Unveiled last April, the Heritage Series Pony celebrated its 45th anniversary as Korea’s first mass-produced and exported vehicle.

The Heritage Series Pony’s exterior is marked by a matte, shimmering surface of silver throughout front to rear part of the vehicle, hatchback silhouette. Notable features include camera-based, fender-mounted exterior mirrors to the fore of the windshield, pixelated round headlights, and U-shaped taillights made of LED lights.

The interior boasts a string of chic and modern accoutrements, including doors made of premium materials that exude a classic feel, a modern lighting system, a speed-gauging instrument panel made of lighted vacuum tubes as well as other stylishly retrofitted design elements.

It also contains future-oriented elements, not only retro style. The digital touch transmission, cradle space for mobile phone and voice-activated steering wheel conveys a modern sensibility that will catch people by surprise.

Having reimagined its 1975 Pony and 1986 Grandeur as EV concepts, Hyundai designers will continue to rediscover the values of the brand through its Heritage Series.

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