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March 16, 2022

2022 Toyota Avanza: Fit For The Filipino Fam

The introduction of the 2022 Toyota Avanza has been long-awaited, with the (now) previous generation model having been relegated to the likes of a commuter vehicle, rather than the multi-purpose family car that it was designed to be. While there is nothing wrong with being a service car, all we’re saying is that it’s high time that the all-new Avanza made its arrival, especially now, while the automotive industry is primed for fresh perspectives and evolutions of models that have long become marks of a different era.

As a brand, Toyota has always known its place, existing under the philosophy that mobility is deserved by all. Because of this belief, there is a Toyota for every kind of person and for every life stage. The Avanza claims its spot in the MPV category as a vehicle that is made to serve and see the Filipino family through its growing years, offering the kind of function and reliability that one would expect from a Toyota. With the all-new 2022 model, however, it has grown with the changing times and adapted to the taste of an evolved generation.

Clearly, the 2022 Toyota Avanza is no longer just a Grab car. Today, it proudly sits at the table to change the game for MPVs everywhere. Here are five reasons why you should be taking a second look when you see the all-new Avanza rolling down the street.

#1. It has found its own identity.

At the onset, the all-new Toyota Avanza looks less like an MPV and more like a car. The modern urban dweller will appreciate the energy of the Avanza’s wide front grille that is complemented by split-type elongated LED headlights, whilst framed by halogen fog lamps. This strong front face is supported by stylish 16-inch aluminum wheels that add a modern ruggedness.

While the Avanza’s side profile is still unmistakably MPV-like, Toyota has added just enough edginess to its overall form, offering a sportier and more imposing structure that veers away from the roundedness of the previous generation. This makes the all-new Avanza that much cooler and leveled-up from its predecessor.

#2. It drives like a car.

MPVs can be a chore to drive, if only because there is little refinement to its powertrain and the vehicle is generally used for the grind. The 2022 Toyota Avanza takes everyday usability to another level, with improved performance, maneuverability, and handling. This is one of the key highlights as it forms a significant part in providing unparalleled driving comfort and less fatigue for long journeys ahead, as well as a smoother ride for passengers.

The top-of-the-line variant runs on a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a CVT transmission and front-wheel drive; serving up just enough power and adaptable performance within the city roads.

#3. It is made for you, your family — and the entire barkada.

Being equipped with seven seats is not uncommon nowadays, with triple-row capacity adopted by MPVs and SUVs alike. The difference is not in the vehicle’s ability to seat, but also in the comfort and space that it can offer. In other words, what makes a standout seven-seater is one whose interior does not end up feeling like a sardine can at full capacity.

The all-new Toyota Avanza is a clear winner, at this point. Triple-row, seven seats, but with a third-row that is not limited to seating toddlers. Another unique feature is the ability of the Avanza’s seats to configure into Long Sofa mode by removing the headrests, and reclining either the second row seat to connect to the third row, or by reclining the passenger seat to connect to the second row. The third row can also be fully tumbled down for more cargo space.

Add to the configurable seating, the Avanza is also equipped with rear air-conditioning vents that can be adjusted manually in order to maximize the air flow across the second and third row of the vehicle.

#4. The savings on fuel is top notch.

With the exorbitant hike in prices for both gasoline and diesel, fuel is considered liquid gold nowadays. The 2022 Avanza arrives at the right time and with a 20 percent improvement in fuel economy, as compared to the third-generation. This is one less thing to worry about for the young, practical family man who needs a reliable and efficient car to support his household’s daily grind as he works his way up through the ranks.

Through an internal fuel economy test that conforms to UN 101 regulations, the 1.5L 2NR-FE variant achieves up to 20km/L on the highway, while the 1.3L 1NR-FE clocks in up to 19km/L. This improvement is largely due to the Avanza’s Dual-mode CVT transmission that combines belt drive with a gear drive; and also, the new front-wheel drive monocoque platform.

#5. It is designed for the modern urban traveler.

Two words: Apple CarPlay. Today’s generation of drivers live in a fast-paced and highly connected world. They put importance in not only having charging ports built into their vehicles, but they are also particularly keen in conveniences that make connectivity and navigation more streamlined.

While even some of the latest sedans and SUVs are not even equipped with this feature, the all-new Toyota Avanza comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across all its variants, on top of Bluetooth connectivity, a stand-up touchscreen monitor, and digital climate control — all working to make hands-free controlling easier, faster, and more advanced than any other vehicle in its class.

Words by Gen Tiu.


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