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Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Maxus G50 Brings A Fresh Sense Of Excitement

Choosing the right vehicle for your family can practically be likened to an art. It is never straightforward and there are a number of factors to consider; perhaps as many as there are members in your brood. The basic checklist will likely include space, functionality, and safety. But let’s face it — style and value has also begun to play a significant part. Nowadays, younger families are practical and they want to get the most bang for their buck, with a vehicle that is reliable, ticks all the boxes, and guarantees that every peso will go a long way.

As we draw closer to the summer season, Maxus is right up there and ready to be part of the fresh possibilities that life has to offer. Turning the page into a new chapter brings new perspectives and a fresh sense of excitement. The Maxus G50 is not only spec-ready, but it is also a stylish, spontaneous companion with 126 years of British heritage and reputation that will see you and your family through any upcoming adventures.

The Maxus G50 is more than an MPV. It is the segment’s only turbocharged variant, regardless if you go for the 1.5-liter automatic or 1.3-liter manual transmission. That, in itself, delivers more power than most MPVs, with the AT topping out at 169 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. This feature satisfies those who crave optimum performance and drivability, even from the most mainstream of vehicles. What’s great about the G50 is that it also offers better fuel efficiency, positioning it as a cut above the rest in its class.

Then again, there is nothing mainstream about the Maxus G50, as it boasts of an elegant, modern silhouette that is unlike most of its counterparts. Forget the “mom-car” vibe. The G50 carries a clean, balanced frontage with a no-nonsense grille and taller windshield. It gives off a strong, sturdy, and confident persona and great visibility without being too imposing or aggressive. The curvature from nose to tail is seamless and ends fluidly toward the tailgate. Exclusive features to the top-of-the-line Premium AT are 17-inch alloy wheels, perfectly-sized LED headlights, and a panoramic sunroof.

The key highlight of the Maxus G50 is how it takes your family’s comfort and well-being into great consideration. Careful thought was put into creating the perfect interior space that makes the G50 extra special. First, it is easy and safe for children and the elderly to enter and exit the vehicle with its low floor and ceiling height; thus, able to accommodate every member of the family (yes, including your fur baby).

Secondly, it offers generous legroom, not only for the first and second row, but also the third row. Passengers are in for a treat as the third row is equipped with proper seatbacks without them having to hug their knees up to their chests. The Maxus G50’s practicality extends up to the cargo hold, where it can accommodate family-sized groceries with the third row up and a weekend’s worth of luggage and equipment with the latter’s seats collapsed down. If you’re a whiz at Tetris, you can even throw in a balikbayan box or two!

Thirdly, it is hardly the interior that is expected of an MPV. The Maxus G50 is sporty-looking and finished with premium details that are interwoven with soft-touch plastic and aluminum appliqué. It also has a 12.3-inch high-definition infotainment system built-in to keep passengers entertained on the road, along with functional USB charging ports and a wireless charging pad that is exclusive to the Premium variant.

And lastly, because it’s your family that we’re talking about, the Maxus G50 comes with cutting-edge safety features to give you peace of mind on any kind of journey. This includes three-point seatbelts built into each of the vehicle’s eight genuine seats, up to 4 airbags (front side for the Premium variant), stability control, 360-degree panoramic camera and front and rear parking sensors for the Premium and Elite lines, ABS with EBD, tire pressure sensors, and more.

There are simply too many options out there today. Again, it’s like sifting through art, and choosing the one that captures your heart, yet is also practical to own. The Maxus G50 is the choice for the future. It is not just as a partner, but as the perfect companion that will adapt to your family’s ever-changing needs and will always be ready for more exciting times ahead. That’s long-term reliability and value for money that you can count on for years to come.

The Maxus G50 comes in 4 variants – the G50 Premium AT at P 1,338,000, G50 Elite AT at P 1,259,000, G50 Pro AT at P 1,179,000, and Comfort MT at P 948,000. The top-of-the-line Premium AT is available in Roland Purple, Polar Ash, and Warm White. The Elite AT share the same 3 exciting colorways, with the exclusive Deep Golden added to its variant collection. The Pro AT, on the other hand comes in Warm White, Warm Argent, Metal Black, and Water Blue.

Need more reason to check out the G50? Maxus currently has what is called the VehiCare Program, which is designed to make vehicle ownership easier and more affordable. It offers a five-year warranty and Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA). The VehiCare Program also ensures that parts are readily accessible to Maxus owners with its Parts Management System, that stocks up to five months’ worth of parts inventory. The program includes Enhanced Service Quality for on-site services, as well as virtual product support that covers home servicing or pick-up and delivery.

Learn more about the Maxus G50 by dropping by one of nine Maxus dealerships nationwide and test driving the G50 for yourself! With its superb build, unrivaled performance, and low cost of maintenance, it’s the best value for money for you and your family. You may also visit the or follow its social media pages to know more.

Words by Gen Tiu.
Additional Photos by Chira dela Cruz.
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