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May 6, 2022

Suzuki Philippines To Launch Hybrid Powertrain

Suzuki Philippines is ready to bring in its hybrid powertrains. This is according to newly appointed General Manager for Automobiles, Norihide Takei.

Although Takei-san didn’t mention specifics, he did confirm Suzuki Philippines’ intentions of joining the hybrid bandwagon. The carmaker says the push towards offering more technologies, especially those surrounding on improving environmental performance contributed to the decision.

The Smart Hybrid technology works by replacing the conventional alternator with an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) which is connected to an advanced dual-battery setup. It utilizes the kinetic energy produced at the time of braking or deceleration, converts it to electric energy, and then stores in the high-capacity batteries to assist the Idle Stop Start and Torque Assist functions.

The Idle Stop Start function is focused on improving the fuel-efficiency of Suzuki cars. It automatically turns the ignition off when the engine is idling at a traffic signal or at standstill, and silently restarts it when optimal conditions are met, both in manual and automatic transmissions. The whole process is smooth and requires minimal human intervention.

In addition, the Smart Hybrid’s Torque Assist uses the energy generated by the ISG and stored in a small-capacity battery to supplement engine power for quicker and smoother acceleration. This, in turn, helps reduce the engine load and eventually improves engine life.

The just-launched Celerio may not have a hybrid powertrain, but it does have the same building blocks. For instance, it comes standard with Idle Stop Start functionality, and this helps boost its fuel efficiency figures to 28.25 km/L—the highest-rated gas-powered vehicle in the country.

If Suzuki Philippines decides to debut the Suzuki Smart Hybrid system within the year, it will likely make its Philippine debut in the refreshed Ertiga and XL7, as well as the Vitara, all of which were introduced with the mild-hybrid technology globally.

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