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May 25, 2022

Check Out Porsche, Audi's Line Of All-Electric Vehicles At Power Plant Mall On These Dates

As PGA Cars leads the Philippine automotive sector’s transition to premium electric-powered mobility through its “FutureNow” program, the company is showcasing its range of fully electric models in a series of weekend exhibitions that present green transport solutions to consumers who define sustainability as the new luxury.

Taking place at the North Court of Power Plant Mall on May 27 to 29, and June 3 to 5, mallgoers can get up close to the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron SUV, and Audi e-tron GT—all zero emissions, fully-electric models. With these models, PGA Cars — the partner of Porsche and Audi (along with Lamborghini and Bentley) in the Philippines — declares premium electromobility is not a concept for the future. Rather, it is a reality that is happening now.

Aside from the vehicles themselves, the FutureNow program has PGA Cars collaborating with stakeholders in establishing charging facilities in strategic destinations to complement the residential charging solutions already provided by Porsche and Audi.

For example, is a high-powered direct current (DC) charger — the first of such type in the country — located at PGA Cars showrooms on EDSA Greenhills. With both DC and AC options available, owners are guaranteed access to charging solutions at home and on the road.

Besides heavily pouring investments in dedicated electric vehicle facilities, personnel training and expertise, and residential and destination charging solutions, PGA Cars further commits to sustainable mobility by adopting carbon-neutral processes for its operations. Among the efforts is the creation of a micro carbon sink — basically defined as a natural or man-made reservoir that can accumulate carbon emissions from the atmosphere — that can help the company absorb an amount of carbon dioxide nearly equal to that emitted during its operations.

The first phase in PGA Cars’ carbon sink program involves transplanting full-grown trees in the vicinity of its main showrooms and service facilities on EDSA, Greenhills. The move seeks to help in curbing pollution, as well as to significantly improve aesthetics, in the area.

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