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May 19, 2022

MMDA Says Traffic To Hit Pre-Pandemic Levels By June

Brace yourselves, Manileños. If you think the traffic’s already bad enough, the MMDA warns that we haven’t reached peak volume yet.

According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), they foresee that Metro Manila’s traffic will breach pre-pandemic levels as face-to-face classes resume in June.

In a radio interview, MMDA chairman Romando “Don” Artes revealed that right now, the daily traffic volume in Metro Manila has already reached 400,000 vehicles—just 5,000 short of pre-pandemic levels. And this is still without face-to-face classes. When in-person classes resume in June, he expects this volume to balloon above the 405,000 figure or higher than pre-pandemic levels.

According to Artes, around half a million new cars were added in the past two years, and 60 to 70 percent of them either go through Metro Manila, or are based in Metro Manila. Industry figures indicate that in 2020, the Philippine automotive industry sold 154,155 new cars; in 2021, that figure jumped to 268,488 units.

In order to help ease traffic, the MMDA is mulling a new number coding scheme. Moreover, they are eyeing the possibility of making government employees report to work at 7 AM.

Artes also mentioned his two wishes for the new administration. First is to improve the mass transport system so fewer people will find the need to buy cars. Second, is the decentralization of Metro Manila by moving some industries or sectors out of the capital.

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