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May 31, 2022

BYD Books 22,000 Orders Of This Tesla Model 3 Rivaling Sedan In Just 6 Hours

BYD continues its sales surge as its new all-electric sedan, the BYD Seal, went on sale in China.

The Tesla Model 3 rivaling sedan managed to book more than 22,000 orders in just six hours. With BYD only expecting to sell around 60,000 of the BYD Seal annually, that already represents more than four months of inventory spoken for.

Built on an 800-volt EV platform (similar to the Porsche Taycan), the BYD Seal can achieve ultra-fast charging speeds when plugged into compatible direct current or DC chargers. It’s also fitted with the brand’s proprietary lithium-iron phosphate aka Blade Battery which is seen as a safer and more affordable technology compared to traditional lithium-ion packs.

The most powerful dual motor BYD Seal can do the century sprint in just 3.8 seconds, while the long-range single motor version can travel up to 700 kilometers on a full charge.

Billed as a Tesla 3 rival, the 4,800 mm long (wheelbase is 2,920 mm) sedan, it will be offered for global markets where it will take on the BYD Atto 4 name. The Atto represents the newest line of EVs from BYD.

In the Philippines, the Atto range will start with the upcoming Atto 3 this year, a compact SUV-sized EV which offers a 500-kilometer range and a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 4.6 seconds. The Atto 3 is expected to be priced below the Tang 7-seater SUV (P 3,998,000) but above the Dolphin (P 1,798,000). The Atto 3 will soon be joined by the Atto 4 which will be priced below the Han (P 3,688,000).


  1. Chinese EVs are expensive!

    1. All EVs are expensive. But Chinese EVs are generally cheaper than other brands. At least before they are imported into the Philippines


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