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May 25, 2022

Is This Proof That Geely Philippines Next Vehicle Is The 2022 Monjaro SUV?

Update: Geely has now fixed its official website to reflect the Monjaro name. This article has been updated (7/31).

In October of last year, a tipster told us to check out the Geely Philippines website, particularly when it came to the placeholder of their upcoming vehicles. Although Geely removed the placeholder photos, at that time, it indicated two upcoming vehicles.

One of the vehicles indicated is the “SS11” and that turned out to be the all-new Emgrand which was launched in February of this year. Now, if Geely Philippines is using proper filenames on their website, it could mean that the “KX11” is coming as well.

The KX11 is the Xingyue L or now known by its international name, the Geely Monjaro. We’re pretty sure it’s short for “Kilimanjaro” which is a volcano in Tanzania. This happens to fit in nicely with the naming convention started with the Okavango which is a river delta also located in Africa (Bostwana).

Enough of the language lesson.

A tipster sent in these photos which purportedly shows the Monjaro being ferried via carrier right here in the Philippines. According to him, they were snapped from the Batangas Port on the way to Manila (the conduction sticker on the Emgrand is visible). Sadly, the quality of these photos aren’t high-res, and it’s actually hard to make out the vehicle in question (the one on top), so it could very well be an automotive Rorschach test.

However, he continues that two other sources reveal that the Monjaro is slated for a launch within the next two months, and that a unit is already at Geely Makati undergoing verification and testing.

If it’s true and Geely is indeed bringing in the Monjaro to the local market, it’s the first model from the carmaker’s Star series to arrive locally.

The Xing or Star series rides on a CMA platform shared with the Volvo XC40. It’s destined to be their flagship SUV and comes with features such as a fully-digital instrument cluster and a 10-speaker Bose sound system. It’s also the first Geely model to receive advanced driver aids.

Its aesthetics, particularly the interior, also blends Eastern and Western influences down to the use of Chinese knots, “Cyberpunk Black” accents, and “Classical Bronze Verdigris Patina.”

If Geely Philippines does bring in the Monjaro, it could be the first model to be offered with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. The engine, also co-developed with Volvo makes either 238 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque, or 217 horsepower and 325 Nm of torque depending on the tune. This is then mated to either a 7-speed dual cutch or an 8-speed torque converter automatic.

Another possibility is that they could go the same route as the Okavango and with that, it’ll get a 190 horsepower 48-volt mild hybrid system. They could even decide to go head-to-head with the Tiggo 8 Pro and get a Plug-In Hybrid version. This variant makes 258 horsepower and 415 Nm of torque, while offering up to 80 kilometers of all electric range.

More importantly, the Monjaro is also the first Geely model to benefit from full firmware OTA which allows fundamental aspects of the vehicle, including safety, infotainment (hello CarPlay and Android Auto), power, chassis, autonomous drive, and connectivity to be upgraded over time.


  1. I think it is "Monjaro" and not Manjaro

    1. There's still some confusion about this actually. Some call it Monjaro (if you check Wikipedia), but some say it's Manjaro.

      The official Geely website says Manjaro though:

    2. Unless I guess Geely PH will change the name when they launch here which is probable but as per Russian Automotive news and Geely Russia FB it is "Monjaro" as it will be also launch in Russia

      There is also already a simple walkaround on this Car on Intagram (tarmacmedia) with Geely Jordan tagged on the post

    3. Russian and Middle East markets went with Monjaro. South America and the official PR went with Manjaro.

      TBH, Monjaro sounds better. Manjaro sounds like a Lion King character...but for now, we'll have to stick with the official name unless Geely PH says we're going with Monjaro.

    4. Monjaro also sounds like Montero hence the change to Manjaro.

  2. This looks like a proper mid-size crossover, unlike Tiggo Pro 8, which to me more like a slightly larger compact.

    I genuinely hope Geely continue its streak and sustain its rather initial goodwill among Filipinos.

    Any news whether they will bring in the Preface?

  3. I'm smelling price increases. This sells from $21,500 to $29,000 in China. Geely usually is overpriced by 200,000 to 300,000 pesos

    1. Philippine excise Taxes plus vat keep prices higher

    2. Actually price here is 30-40% more expensive than China


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