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May 2, 2015

Hyundai Opens Green Logistics Center in Calamba, Laguna

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) strengthens its presence in the country by inaugurating its new Hyundai Logistics Center (HLC), a new and state-of-the-art facility that’s the first green-certified vehicle logistics hub in the Philippines. In addition, the Hyundai Logistics Center is reflective of Hyundai Motor Company’s new Modern Premium brand identity and a proof of its commitment to sustainable motoring.

Though HARI has engaged in various environmental stewardship programs, President and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo says that there’s always something left to do: “We realized that we lacked this one thing: a concrete and unmistakable statement of our commitment as a business and a responsible corporate citizen to responsible innovation. And that is the Hyundai Logistics Center.”

“We are building a case for responsible innovation that will revolutionize the local automotive industry not only with new car models that represent new thinking in green technology but also in green operations,”  adds Ms. Agudo.

Situated along the Mount Makiling Forest reserve and Tagaytay mountain range, Architect Dominic Galicia transformed the 10-hectare site, which previously housed a textile factory, into the sprawling Hyundai Logistics Center. It was their aim to use as much natural air and light to create a workplace that would be a joy to work in.

Architects also employed the principle of adaptive reuse which emphasizes sustainability, economy, and even history in the construction of the HLC. No trees were cut in constructing the facility instead; existing trees were incorporated to the design. Additionally, existing walls, trusses, and roads were kept and refurbished. Meanwhile, optimal ventilation in the HLC’s indoor spaces allows air exchange giving occupants a pristine working environment.

Finally, landscape architects of Espina, Perez-Espina and Associates filled the HLC with greenery. The highlight is the use of roof gardens that not only bring insulation to the buildings but allow nature to reclaim the land occupied by the building footprint.

The HLC saves energy with its various features in lighting and ventilation. It uses only LED lighting fixtures which reduce energy consumption up to 52.5 percent while some areas such as the warehouse uses light monitors to capture natural light during the day time. A number of solar panels are also installed in some area of the HLC.

HLC also has its own water facility to cut on consumption. This facility enables HARI to reuse water from the car preparation areas, and also collect rainwater for use on siphoning, irrigation, or other uses. It also treats wastewater to reduce harmful chemicals that may harm the environment.

The Hyundai Logistics Center is the new home for all Hyundai cars. The Complete Built Unit (CBU) Receiving Area is the holding area for all cars before they are prepped for their eventual journey to dealership and has two preparation areas. More than half of the HLC or 6 hectares (9 football fields worth) is dedicated to the vehicle stockyard. It can accommodate some 2,400 vehicles. A new Parts Warehouse is also situated there to ensure amply supply of all Hyundai parts and accessories.
With the Hyundai Logistics Center, HARI is taking the lead in pioneering responsible innovation and environment preservation. “HLC is our pioneer and flagship endeavor that shows that we are serious about addressing the impact of climate change,” affirms Ms. Agudo.  “It should set the standard for green buildings for the country’s automakers and distributors.”

The Hyundai Logistics Center is located along the Pan-Philippine National Highway in Barangay Makiling, Calamba City, Laguna.

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  1. Hope this will cut the very long lead time for the spare parts ordered.


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