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May 30, 2015

MiLi Innovates Storage Solutions

Developed as a solution to eliminating the inconvenience of data gathering by way of a multitude of connectors needed to connect to personal computers (PC) and to simplify software configuration, the purpose and design of the USB has come a long way since its launch in the mid-nineties.

Recently, MiLi, a power solution company based in Shenzen, China, whose main core of business are stylish and compact power banks, introduced their latest product, the iData. The iData is a external storage device that allows you to store all of your music, movies and other important files on a convenient, swappable drive. Movies and pictures can be moved with ease between all your Apple devices and contacts can be backed up for safe access even when offline. This device was developed by MiLi in cooperation with Apple. MiLi is one of the few companies authorized by Apple to develop products that are compatible with their wide range of consumer communication products.

“We developed the iData to improve and expand the data storage of Apple iPhones. It can be a lifesaver in the sense that it provides you with an instant storage capability when you need it. Just plug the iData into your iPhone or Android phone, and you can free-up space, transfer data in a matter of seconds. It makes our digital lifestyle more convenient,” explains Harry Zhu, CEO of Shenzhen Hali Power Industrial Company, manufacturers of the MiLi brand.

To enjoy the benefits of MiLi’s iData, one will have to download a free APP from the Apple APP Store.  Through the iData App, you can play music and videos, manage documents, backup your contacts and address book and share. “ MiLi is a brand that believes in innovation. From power solutions, MiLi enters into the world of smart devices – products that are designed to make mobility even easier and more convenient,” adds Zhu.

MiLI also launched the MiLi Pure, a Bluetooth device that is a portable skin moisture detector linked to a specialized application on your device. The MiLi PURE is able to provide precise skin moisture data and analysis and conveniently connects to an app via Bluetooth for instant data reading.

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