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May 28, 2015

E-Trikes Share Limelight at APEC 2015

As the issue of climate change gain momentum on the world stage, zero-emission electric trikes (e-trikes) shared the limelight at this year’s APEC 2015 summit hosted by the Philippines.

At the Ministerial Meeting held this May 23-24 in Boracay Island, electric trikes were used to ferry Ministers and delegates from the 21-economy strong APEC where climate change mitigation forms part of the growing challenge countries need to provide a solution for.

This comes amid the call of US President Obama who, according to the New York Times, is pushing for urgent action to combat climate change as a “national security imperative” and that climate change “constitutes a serious threat to global security” as it acts as “an accelerant of instability around the world.”

The planet’s warming is largely caused by carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

As a platform to showcase the country’s own efforts to help mitigate the effects of climate change by lowering our carbon footprint, APEC 2015 Electric Mobility Partner- EMotors, Inc.’s ZUM e-trikes were used to serve the transport needs of the ministers and delegates.

Guillermo Luz, co-chair of the National Competitiveness Council and private sector coordinator for the National Organizing Committee says,  “The ZUM e-trikes delivers two key messages about the country- we are concerned about the environment and climate change and support electric vehicles. We also support the emergence of more local manufacturing in the country.”

Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo who heads the Trade Ministerial Meeting continues to emphasize the importance of multilateral trade to boost inclusive growth. The secretary puts in the center of discussions the significance of micro, small and medium enterprises as the key to future growth that will benefit and strengthen ties among member economies.

“We support the initiatives of Sec. Domingo. We are honored to be part of the solution not only to lower carbon emissions but to provide a profitable means of livelihood for many Filipino entrepreneurs using our ZUM etrikes,” says Ms. Elizabeth H. Lee, EMotors President.

Companies who likewise support the two global issues of  climate change mitigation and inclusive growth joined EMotors in spreading the word, with logistics giant 2GO Group, Inc. and US-based HJEA International as major partners. Other companies who supported the effort include BizNewsAsia Magazine, Malayan Insurance, Motolite, SL Agritech, and Globaltronics.

Climate change and trade continues to dominate the APEC meeting narrative emphasizing the importance of reducing carbon emissions and strengthening trade that results in inclusive growth.

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  1. What is the cost öfter this E-Trikes Share Limelight he re in Philippines?


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