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May 11, 2015

Philippines is First Country with a Dedicated Framework for Ridesharing

Fifteen months ago, Uber launched in the Philippines and transformed the way people move around Metro Manila with a safer, more reliable and efficient transportation option. Metro Manila quickly became one of Uber’s fastest growing markets with an amazing response from the driver and rider communities who embraced Uber’s innovative technology.

Today is a historic day not only for the Philippines but for the entire Asia Pacific region. Philippine Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph (Jun) Abaya enacted a new department order on “Promoting Mobility,” which aims to modernize and improve transport services to the commuting public by recognizing new forms of transport solutions that can have a significant impact on reducing congestion while creating thousands of new opportunities for drivers.

On the occasion, Secretary Jun Abaya, Department of Transportation and Communication, said, “It is the right of every Filipino to have better, safer, and more convenient and efficient transportation. Our goal has always been to modernize policies and tap innovative solutions to push the transportation sector forward. We are pleased to have collaborated closely with Uber and other tech companies in crafting regulations for a new class of public utility vehicles, which we believe will greatly enhance the convenience and safety of urban transit in the Philippines. These will motivate current PUV operators to modernize, upgrade, and innovate as well. We hope to continue working together in shaping the future of our transport services.”

Speaking on this historic development, Mr David Plouffe, Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy, Uber Technologies said, “Today, the Philippines has officially become the first country to create a national dedicated framework for ridesharing. This first-of-its-kind order is a shining example of how collaboration between government and industry can advance urban mobility, create new economic opportunity and put rider safety first.”

In this new regulation, ridesharing has officially been recognized as a vital part of the Philippine Government’s long-term solution for delivering safe, efficient and reliable transport options to the people of Metro Manila and beyond. The regulation represents a groundbreaking approach that brings the benefits of smart technologies to all commuters and the transportation industry in the Philippines.

DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya and Land Transport Franchising and Regulatory Board Chairman Winston Ginez have shown great vision in recognizing that innovative technologies have a key role to play in upgrading transport services. In adopting this new approach, they have sent a clear message that embracing innovation, supporting consumer choice and ensuring the safety of riders should be a top priority for governments in every market.

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  1. basically, due to lack of efficient public transportation?


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