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May 1, 2015

Hajime Koso is Isuzu Philippines's New President

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) formally introduced their new company president at a simple but poignant turnover ceremony at the Solaire Resort and Casino in Pasay City. Mr. Hajime Koso replaces Mr. Nobuo Izumina as IPC’s president, who will be assigned as the Director of Isuzu Body Corporation, an affiliate of Isuzu Motors Limited (IML).

Hailing from Okayama, Japan, Mr. Koso, 57 years of age, has been working at Isuzu Motors Limited for 35 years handling mostly sales and overseas operations. Most recently, he was the President of Isuzu Motors Kyusyu Limited. He joined IML’s Domestic Sales Department in 1980 after receiving a degree in Social Sciences and Applied Economics at the Hosei University in Tokyo.

In 1999, he was assigned as the Vice-President for Logistics and Export of Isuzu Motors America. Four years later, in 2003, Koso became IML’s General Manager for ASEAN Sales, then General Manager for North and South Americas Division in 2008 before assuming the same position for China and the ASEAN Division in 2009. Finally, in 2010, he was assigned as Vice-President of Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia.

“The Philippine automotive industry is slowly setting up its pace. In the past two years, the country’s record for automotive sales has seen a significant growth which is probably due to the overall growth of the economy,” said Mr. Koso. “My previous assignment in Indonesia made me aware of the ASEAN market, the Philippines will be a challenging task but I think it will be worthwhile.”

Mr. Koso is confident in carrying on the accomplishments of Mr. Izumina, which includes a record high of 14,134 units sold in 2014. Under Izumina’s leadership, Isuzu Philippines Corporation also maintained its number one position in the light-duty truck category with the N-Series, the introduction of the all-new D-Max and mu-X, and the 100,000-cumulative unit production and sale of the best-selling Crosswind.

“In this competitive market, we need to constantly keep up or get left behind. Isuzu has always been ready for what’s to come – and for us to reap the benefits of this healthy economy, we vow to continue providing new and exciting products that will surely satisfy the consumer’s needs” said Mr. Koso.


  1. Is Hajime Koso good news or bad news to future isuzu fans?
    Mr. Koso has a "degree in Social Sciences and Applied Economics". It means NO NEW ENGINES for CROSSWIND, DMAX and MU-X folks.
    Mr. Koso also said "we vow to CONTINUE providing NEW and exciting PRODUCTS that will surely SATISFY the consumer’s needs”. Ummm wait... WHAT?

    Or maybe he vows to CONTINUE providing OLD and OUTDATED boring PRODUCTS that will surely HORRIFY the consumer's needs.

    To future ISUZU clients, start your engines and let the comments begin!!!

  2. Hajime Koso is Isuzu Philippines's New President

    over s :-)

  3. I belive in Isuzu.


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