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July 12, 2015

UPDATED: 2016 Montero Sport Teased by Mitsubishi Motors Thailand (w/ Video)

UPDATE 2: Here it is in all its glory (8/1).

UPDATE 1: Included a link to the teaser video below (7/16).

Mitsubishi has released a single teaser photo of the all-new Montero Sport which is slated for a Global reveal this August 1 at the Bangkok International Grand Motor Sale 2015 (BIG Motor Sale 2015).

Although details are all fuzzy at the moment, it’s most definite that the 2016/17 Montero Sport (Pajero Sport in Thailand) will be underpinned by a chassis developed from the all-new Strada including its engine line-up. This is because of Thailand’s unique new vehicle tax structure which classifies the Montero Sport as a PPV or Passenger Pickup Vehicle. In Thailand, PPVs enjoy an excise tax of just 25.6 percent (for displacements lower than 3,250-cc) compared to other passenger vehicles with similar displacement which is pegged at 111.1 percent. That said, a certain percentage of parts must be shared with its pickup origin.

From the photo, it’s clear the all-new Montero Sport will have a very different look to the love-or-hate Strada. This time, it will carry Mitsubishi’s new design language seen in cars like the updated Outlander. The X-shaped front grille will likely be its most unique design feature along with the straightened wheel arches and stylized LED daytime running lights. Dimensionally, it’s expected that it will remain largely unchanged from before.

Underneath, the Montero Sport will have the same engine choices as the Strada such as the 2.4-liter MIVEC turbo diesel engine with 181 horsepower. Since this will likely arrive in the Philippines in 2016, there’s hoping this engine will finally make it here as opposed to a carryover (but tweaked) 4D56 powerplant.

Dynamically, it’s expected to be refined further from the current model thanks to the company’s new proving ground near Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s Laem Chabang assembly plant.

Inside, it’s rumored that it’ll receive a heavily revised interior that’s more luxurious than the Strada’s. It will have faux leather stitching on the dashboard as well as the dual binnacle style gauges with a central LCD display. It’ll likely sport a push-button engine start/stop and dual-zone climate control as available features.

Expect more details on the 2016 Montero Sport once information’s available.


  1. What's up with the Honda headlights? Well at least it's better looking than the current Strada.

  2. Dear Mr. Ang,

    Kindly compare this new Montero vis-a-vis Trailblazer LTZ SE and Toyota Fortuner V


  3. Its like Kia sportage DRL :)

  4. Still looks like a Turd-World chrome alien insect to me, just like the Strada/Triton :P.

  5. This is awesome suv! Looks like range rover evoque if u see this one on the road u will be amazed!!

  6. Bakit itinatago yung grill at front fascia, pangit rin ba tulad ng Strada? Lolz.

  7. what about the pricing?

  8. Exterior styling is cool. However Mitsu will stick the jurassic 4D56 underhood.
    It's a pity & sorry Mitsu fanboys just wait a couple of years for the 4N15.

  9. when is the release of this here in PH?

  10. That's a Pajero sport not Montero sport, clearly indicated at the back!

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