Wednesday, July 22, 2015

EMotors and 2Go Partner for Electric Transport

Today’s smartest companies have overcome the old attitude that environmental initiatives are expensive and only contribute to shot-term ‘posturing’. The fact is that companies who address pollution gets consumers’ votes and patronage.

This was further amplified recently by global companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, to name a few, who made a very public stand on the issue of climate change. According to The Guardian, it highlights “ a major change in business attitudes towards climate change” and that the issue is key to business. It concludes that, “the majority of global brands now recognize that ignoring climate science is bad for business.”

Logistics and supply-chain giant 2GO, the local retail partner of FedEx, understands the importance of addressing pollution and how this affects not only the environment but its brand and the future patronage by customers in our hyper-connected world. As a major player in the industry, the company aims to lower it’s carbon footprint by incorporating zero-emission electric vehicles (etrikes) in their operations.

2GO teamed up with EMotors, Inc., the 100 percent Filipino-owned, BOI-registered local maker of ZรœM electric 3-wheel vehicles or etrikes to supply 2GO’s electric vehicle fleet requirements initially distributed in different ports where 2GO operates. 2GO has identified and separated ‘necessary emissions’ from those that could first be reduced or eliminated, by replacing select transport services with zero-emission electric vehicles.

“ We are proud to partner with innovative and fast growing companies like 2GO who took the initiative to ‘jump the curve’ to the next level by consciously integrating the ZรœM electric vehicles in their operations, acting as a platform for community and customer engagement, while building on its brand that is good for business,” says Ms. Elizabeth H. Lee, EMotors President.

2GO Group Inc.’s Vice-President Stephen Rey Tagud for his part says, “ Taking care of the environment is everybody’s business and responsibility. As technology evolves and provides us with a greener alternative, corporations should take advantage of these available technologies as part of their operations. In the end, simply put, one cannot hold their breath while counting their money!”

Companies are taking heed following the heels of giant global corporations who already benefit from the early adoption and clear stand and commitment on sustainability and climate change right where it matters-- the bottom line—as the marketplace continues to favor those companies and expect businesses to do their part.

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