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July 20, 2015

Hyundai Philippine Sales Slip 6 Percent in 2nd Quarter of 2015

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the country, registered a 6 percent year-on-year decline in the second quarter of the year.

Unit sales dipped to 5,325 units from the recorded 5,668 units sold in the same period of the previous year. Meanwhile, year-to-date sales reached 10,689 units, 8 percent less from total 11,651 units sold in the first semester of 2014. Remarkably, month-on-month sales data posted a 10 percent growth, from 1,705 units to 1,883 units, ushering the brand’s more hyped up performance in the succeeding months in light of the expected release of new models such as the all-new Tucson and i20.

The Passenger Car (PC) category declined by 11 percent to 3,458 units in the second quarter as compared to the 3,892 units sold in the same quarter of 2014. On the other hand, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) increased by 5 percent to 1,867 units from the 1,776 units in the second quarter of 2014. Semestral figures show PC’s meek decline of 10%, while LCV contracted by 5 percent in the first semester of this year.


  1. i drive a hyundai sta fe and i do not recommend it to my friends and loved ones. engine performance deplete very fast despite regular expensive maintenance. its service center has very slow service, overpriced genuine parts replacement and the hyundai brand itself has very low resale value. i won't buy a hyundai ever again! i'll go back to toyota next year.

    1. Waste of money buying a Korean brand! Toyota is the best choice!

    2. Waste of money buying a Korean brand! Toyota is the best choice!

    3. I may like KPop, Korean dramas, and Korean food but when it comes to cars, we'll always stick to Japanese particularly Toyota.

  2. loss of engine performance could be related to fuel filter... maybe it's time to replace yours. I just changed mine after loss of power. I m not really a hyundai fan, but I do like the engine the most... hate the chasis and suspension though (2.5 gen sta. fe).

  3. In a car market that's growing at double-digit rates, a decline like this is very alarming for HARI.

    Their pricing is just way off. This hold especially true for the Elantra, which costs 100k more than a similarly speced Altis. No wonder its sales is just a little more than a third of what it sold in the previous year (and even less than what it sold when it was newly launched).

    The Santa Fe is also growing old, losing favor over cheaper and sturdier diesel pickup-based SUVs. The price increases have also hurt the sales of the Accent, which is no longer a taxi favorite, and with the price too close to the mid-range compacts, makes it a not-so-sensible choice anymore.

    Only the Starex has maintained a rather stable following, and has been Hyundai's bread and butter for the past decade and a half.

  4. ^One has to ask: if Hyundai's/Kia's car designs are that good looking, and the prices are competitive, somewhere, somehow, something's gotta give... and that could be build-quality...

    Korean brands use advertising to the utmost while maintaining a competitive price for their products, somewhere, somehow, something's gotta give... and that could be............

  5. This should be a wake-up call to HARI especially that many people are complaining about the expensive PMS and their overpriced vehicles.

  6. ^I guess HARI is just dictated by the mother company where they get the units and parts to be sold in PH, therefore, they might not be able to do anything about it. Hyundai, in just a few decades, have priced their cars at par with Japanese counterparts but do you think this is a good strategy?


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