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July 9, 2015

Suzuki Philippines Bags 3 Awards for Excellence

Suzuki Philippines, the Philippine arm of the global automobile manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation, received three global awards from the recently concluded 2014 Suzuki After Sales Awarding. The event, held in Bangkok, Thailand last June 15, 2015, gathered together Suzuki subsidiaries, distributors, and affiliates from all over the world to recognize and award their continued efforts to uphold Suzuki’s commitment to excellence in product and customer relations.

The skill, talent, passion, and dedication of the Suzuki Philippines team were once again brought to the limelight during the awarding ceremony as the company was lauded with a First Place Ranking for Training, First Place Ranking for Customer Relationship Management, and Second Place Ranking for Product Quality.

The Suzuki Motor Corporation, headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan, is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world. A total of 61 Suzuki Automobile distributors worldwide competed for the highly coveted 2014 After Sales Awards.

“These awards are a testament to Suzuki’s dedication to the Philippine auto market, and our commitment to deliver only the best products and services to our Filipino customers,” said Suzuki Philippines President Hiroshi Suzuki. “Receiving such an honor serves as a challenge for Suzuki Philippines to continuously improve and perform even better in the future,” he added.

Suzuki Philippines’ first place position in Customer Relationship Management is unequaled by any other group in the world this year. This category recognizes the performance of Suzuki companies in terms of availability of customer service offices, the record of customer feedback and complaints, the presence of a database of customer inquiries, availability of proper staff training for customer service personnel and representatives, and the prompt and professional response to customer letters lent to Suzuki Motor Corporation. The Suzuki Philippines team has performed exceptionally in all metrics, making them the sole awardee for the category.

The First Place Ranking for Training is shared by 14 Suzuki subsidiaries, including Suzuki Philippines. In this category, the importance of established training programs and the execution of said programs are highly emphasized. Finally, Suzuki Philippines shared the Second Place Ranking for Product Quality with seven other subsidiaries, for prompt and diligent filing of well-written and accurate Field Technical Information Reports submitted to main Suzuki motor Corporation branches in Japan, Indonesia, and India.

Photo above shows Mr. Takashi Iwatsuki, Managing Officer and Executive General Manager of Suzuki Motor Corporation, handing one of the awards to Mr. Norminio Mojica, Managing Director and Treasurer of Suzuki Philippines.

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