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August 9, 2015

Suzuki Philippines Brings A-Game with All-New 2015 Celerio (w/ Brochure)

Small car expert Suzuki is getting its A-Game on with the launch of its all-new Celerio. Known for its stylish and chic exterior, the all-new model now adds a dose of practicality with the concept of “small on the outside, big on the inside”. It’s the company’s new answer to the country’s fast-growing Sub-B passenger car segment.

“We are very excited to showcase our A+ compact design to the Filipino market. You will all be amazed with the architecture of this model, particularly its best-in-class luggage capacity, superb ease and comfort in driving, and outstanding fuel efficiency. We are confident that this all-new Suzuki Celerio will set a new standard for its kind,” says Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki, President of Suzuki Philippines.

Outside, the Celerio features the new expressive “wave grille” along with complex, over-sized headlamps. This then flows to the simple and clean side profile ensuring efficient aerodynamics. It’s fitted with 14-inch alloy wheels with 165/65R14 tires. More than just style, it also belies the spacious interior.

Sporting an overall length of just 3,600 millimeters, the generous 2,425-millimeter wheelbase along with improved packaging ensures abundant interior space. The big, wide-opening doors ensure easy ingress and egress. It has generous head and shoulder room for all five occupants. Furthermore, it has ample leg and knee room. And of course, with city cars fast becoming the preferred mode of transportation of upwardly mobile Filipinos, it has generous cargo room as well, swallowing 254 liters.

More than just space, it’s also packed with features including power steering, door locks, windows, and mirrors; a multi-function display that resides in the instrument cluster; an integrated audio system with USB and aux functions; four speakers; and a keyless entry system.

Keeping its dynamic, agile, and easy-to-maneuver design intact, it has an electric power assisted steering that improves both response and fuel effiency. In the front, it has independent MacPherson Struts while at the back is a rear Torsion Beam Axle.

An improved version of the 1.0-liter 12-valve 3-cylinder engine called KB10B is found on all Celerio models. Producing 67 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 90 Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm, it should make for peppy performance in the city. This engine is mated either to a proven 5-speed manual, or new for 2015, a CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission. The CVT, together with a 35-liter tank, should allow more kilometers between fuel stops.

Finally, it’s also a cut above the rest in terms of safety. Aside from a collapsible steering column, integrated side impact beams, and Suzuki’s patented TECT or Total Effective Control Technology that disperses crash energy away from the cabin, it also comes standard with dual SRS airbags and anti-lock brakes.

Now available at all Suzuki dealerships nationwide, it’s available in a wide array of eight fun colors: Snow White Pearl, Star Silver Metallic, Mineral Gray Metallic, Super Black Pearl, Ablaze Red Pearl, Cerulean Blue, Sunshine Yellow, and Rasberry Pink. It comes in two models: the 1.0 M/T (P 507,000) and the 1.0 CVT (P 542,000).


  1. Is it just me or does the Celerio look a bit like the new Hilux upfront?

    1. It looks a bit like the new Hilux at the front.
      That's why Japan Incorporated is called Copy-Paste Incorporated.

    2. Suzuki launched this celerio last march last year in europe. Then the Hilux launched the hilux early this year in thailand so i think Toyota is the one who copied hahahaha

  2. 21.28 km/L for MT average
    20.83 km/L for CVT average

    34.34 km/L for MT highway DoE tested.

  3. Agree! Most Asian vehicle manufacturers lack imagination when it comes to vehicle designs. That's why Hyundai pirated a European, Honda is trying to emulate some BMW flair, and not Toyota and Suzuki are into it too, not to mention the ever copy-cat Chinese vehicles are definitely clear examples. Ford taking a cue from Land Rover and Aston might be an exception as IMO they are partners.

  4. Lahat ng may negative comments, 'yan lang ba alam nyo? puro reklamo, parang ang gagaling kung mkapagcomment'.

  5. swak to sa budget at needs ko. celerio cvt pang everyday school service ni misis.

  6. It looks like this new celerio is worth some serious consideration. I had in mind to buying the Mitsubishi Mirage for my daughter but this caught my attention and I went to the local dealership here in Tacloban. Unfortunately they have this and other models priced 50K pesos more than the ones advertised in Metro Manila. Why such a big difference? I thought a 20K difference would have been more reasonable. And to think that I was assured by a sales agent that there was not much of a difference in price between Tacloban and Manila. I may yet opt for the Mirage, after all.

  7. Sir Uly, will you review this car?


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