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September 15, 2017

Mitsubishi Philippines' MIVEC Clean Diesel Test Drive Tour Heads to North and Central Luzon

After the successful staging in Metro Manila and some areas in South Luzon, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) will take its MIVEC Clean Diesel Advantage Test Drive tour this time in Mitsubishi dealerships in  Northern and Central Luzon. To be specific, the MIVEC Clean Diesel Advantage Test Drive Tour on Saturday, September 16 to Sunday, September 17 will be staged in the following dealers / areas:
  • NAMCO (Northpoint Alliance Motors Corporation) in Laoag, Ilocos Norte
  • FMSC (Freeway Motor Sales Corporation) – Cabanatuan branch in Nueva Ecija
  • FMSC (Freeway Motor Sales Corporation) -  Baliuag branch in Bulacan
  • LMSMC (Le Mans Stellar Motor Corporation) in Angeles, Pampanga
The customers who will test drive will get P 5,000 savings coupon which they can use when they purchase any variant of the all-new Montero Sport and Strada. This discount will be applied on top of the current discount being offered on the two models.

Aside from the exciting ride and discounts, there will also be a free vehicle check-up at the test drive event. Customers can have their Mitsubishi vehicle checked up for free during the MIVEC Clean Diesel Advantage Test Drive Tour at the dealerships mentioned above.

Don’t miss this chance to experience the MIVEC Clean Diesel power of both Montero Sport and Strada and at the same time have your Mitsubishi vehicle inspected for free this coming weekend! Test drive will be open starting 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM only.


  1. Clean diesel? Is this Euro 5 compliant just like Mazda's true clean diesel?

  2. I wonder how light the steering feel of the new Montero is? Also with the ride comfort and the low NVH's levels that they're bragging about.

    1. Two words: TEST DRIVE

    2. Agree but i'd definitely love to hear from non-biased owners first so as not to waste my time. Most especially since im aware that the current Montero is just second to the Everest (top of the line variant).

    3. Yes, it's better for you to test drive it.

      But based on my experience, the Montero Sport does have the best maneuverability among the PPVs. Don't expect it to be as light as a Hyundai Tucson though. NVH isn't as good as car based SUVs as well.

    4. Thanks Sir Uly. I'll be bringing the parents during the test drive since this is going to be for them. That's why good riding comfort and low NVH levels is important.

    5. Ride comfort and refinement: Sorento > Santa Fe > MUX > Montero Sport > Trailblazer > Everest > Fortuner
      NVH: Sorento = Santa Fe = Everest > MUX = Montero Sport > Trailblazer = Fortuner

      You should test drive it to find out. Not quite as good as the monocoque Korean SUVs, but they're getting close and for the price I think the Montero Sport's overall refinement level is good. Noticeably better than the old model. I'm lucky to have a big family and close relatives who have all these diesel SUV models to compare with. Only one we don't have yet is the new CRV. We're keen to test drive it soon.

    6. Really? The 2017 Montero Sport has a better ride than the Everest? I rode on my two buddies 2016 Everest several times and it was such a comfortable ride.


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