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September 21, 2017

This Special Edition Mazda MX-5 is Designed for Wheelchair Users

Who says people with disabilities can’t enjoy driving? Mazda is bringing its “fun-to-drive” philosophy even to those who’re bound to a wheelchair. Launched for the Japanese market today, this special MX-5 is specifically targeted to users who have difficulty using their feet.

Available in both Roadster and RF configurations, the Hirsoshima-based carmaker showcased the MX-5 fitted with a special left-hand control grip that acts as the accelerator and brake pedal. The same control grip contains controls to the turn signal, horn, among others. Meanwhile, a steering wheel switch mounted on the right side, enables the driver to execute both up- and downshifts. And for easier ingress/egress, there’s an auxiliary seat for getting on and off as an option.

While the physically handicapped are often limited by how much they can travel, this special MX-5 not only gives them additional mobility, but also aims to re-energize their mind through driving. Mazda believes that disabilities should not be a hindrance to experiencing driving pleasure.

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