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September 3, 2017

Ford and Domino's Team Up for Some Pizza Delivery Research

Well, this is one purpose of autonomous cars that we seriously didn’t think of, but hey it’s pizza, so it’s a priority we guess? In the next evolution of man’s apparent laziness, Domino’s and Ford is teaming up to gauge customer reactions when “interacting with a self-driving vehicle as part of the pizza delivery experience.”

That’s right, in the course of the next few weeks, randomly-selected customers of Domino’s Pizza in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA may see their pizza delivered by a Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Research Vehicle.

Though the car can drive itself (and the pizza can be retrieved using a unique code delivered to the customer via SMS), a Ford safety engineer will be in the vehicle at all times along with a staff of researchers. So please, for goodness sake, don’t be in your undies when you go retrieving your pizza.

Ford sees this as a step towards realizing their goal of putting self-driving vehicles on the road by 2021. It also opens up opportunities to see how autonomous vehicles can enhance a businesses’ customer experience.

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