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September 13, 2017

Philippines, Meet Your Subaru Palm Challenge 2017 Country Champs

Philippines, meet your Subaru Palm Challenge 2017 country representatives. After a day under the searing sun last September 9, the toughest of the tough will represent the country at the Subaru Palm Challenge Regional Finals in Singapore.

After almost 11 hours of holding on to the vehicles without letting go of their right palm latched onto the cars, the final 10 finalists came through. Alex Neblasca, perennial Philippine winner and last year’s runner up in the Regional Palm Challenge finals in Singapore, is once again part of the Philippines Top 10, but surprisingly just came in 3nd this time around. The multi-titled Neblasca was outlasted by Rheden Pinoliad, a factory worker, and new Philippine champion Juntie Torres, who serves as a security guard for his day job.

The Philippines’ Top Ten will be flown to Singapore this October 27 to November 1, 2017 to compete in the regional finals of the Subaru Palm Challenge. The winner of the finals will drive home a brand-new Subaru vehicle.

Will 2017 finally be the year that a Filipino contestant wins it all?

Subaru Palm Challenge 2017 Main Leg Top 10:
  • 1st – Juntie G. Torres
  • 2nd – Rheden G. Pinoliad
  • 3rd – Alex Neblasca
  • 4th – Donn Michael Yap
  • 5th – Mark Joseph Trinos
  • 6th – Carlo T. Talahib, Sr.
  • 7th – Juan E. Furiscal, Jr.
  • 8th – Reggie Purugganan
  • 9th – Lyza Joyce Montejo
  • 10th – Jaspher Ivy H. Galaura
The following day saw the second year of the Collegiate Leg of the Subaru Palm Challenge. Three tough students emerged victorious after 5 hours of holding onto the new Subaru XV.

Subaru Palm Challenge 2017 Collegiate Leg
  • 1st – Vincent Ragudo (Fatima University)
  • 2nd – Shana Costillas (Rizal Technical University)
  • 3rd – Joyce Enage (Rizal Technical University)
All three contestants took home a cash prize of P 5,000 each while Collegiate champion Vincent Ragudo took home an additional P 30,000 for his school.

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