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September 11, 2017

EMotors and The Net Group is First in BGC to Provide Zero Emissions Shuttle

The official APEC green, electric mobility partner and leading electric vehicle maker EMotors, Inc (EMI) partners with The Net Group (TNG) as EMotors’ latest initiative to tackle pollution and lower our carbon footprint while creating jobs and livelihood that encourages women drivers.

EMotors, Inc., the social enterprise and local manufacturer and assembler of electric 3-wheel vehicles has chosen The Net Group (TNG), the country’s largest green office building developer, to tie up to promote the use and benefits of EMotors’ ZÜM passenger e-shuttles. EMotors adds TNG to the growing list of sustainability conscious companies it has partnered with to include PepsiCo (PCPPI), 2GO, Astoria Group, among others.

The partnership with EMotors makes TNG the first company located at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) to utilize sustainable, pure electric vehicles to serve the transport needs of its own staff, officers, and tenants starting with their two buildings, Net Park and Net Lima.

“The endeavor provides for a win-win-win situation for all stakeholders where the company, the people, and the city gain from the obvious benefits of using zero-emission, zero-noise electric vehicles,” says EMotors President, Elizabeth H. Lee.

“We want to help alleviate the stress of commuting for TNG staff and our tenants even within a short range of radius with the free point-to-point ZÜM electric shuttle, one that also supports our corporate sustainability goals,” says Raymond Rufino, Co-President, The Net Group.

In line with EMotors’ social objectives, the project is aimed to help tackle three major social issues: first, Women’s Welfare- where majority of the e-shuttle drivers are women; second, Livelihood Creation- where drivers get to earn a living that is less taxing, more enjoyable, and fulfilling; and third, Environmental Protection by limiting environmental degradation, pollution, and supporting clean air efforts.

“By working together, we co-create mutual value. We connect with visionary leaders & citizens who put importance in transforming the way we live, work, play, one that jumpstarts a radical change in how we move around our communities and lessen our impact on the environment,” says Elizabeth Lee.

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  1. Those look like unsafe, road-unworthy death traps with wheels to me. Forget zero emissions, I'd like safer vehicles for its occupants. You know, standard stuff like seat belts, crumple zones (or its equivalent), ABS, air bags, etc.


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