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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

It's Real: Get a Brand-New Nissan Almera for Less Than P 450k

Purchasing a brand-new Nissan vehicle has been made easier with more savings and discounts with the “Safer Drives and Deals” promo that runs until the end of the month.

You can check out the full list of offers here, but in gist, you can get additional cash savings and discounts up to P 330,000. For those who get their brand-new Nissan through Nissan Finance, you can get selected vehicles at zero percent interest up to 60 months or free amortization for up to 16 months!

Some of the highlights of the Safer Drives and Deals include:
  • Nissan Terra – P 175,000 cash discount or P 73,000 all-in low downpayment
  • Nissan Navara – P 80,000 cash discount or P 58,000 all-in low downpayment
  • Nissan Almera – P 235,000 cash discount
  • Nissan Urvan – P 104,000 cash discount or P 94,000 all-in low downpayment
  • Nissan Premium Urvan – P 30,000 cash discount or P 136,000 all-in low downpayment
  • Nissan Sylphy – P 90,000 cash discount or P 65,000 all-in low downpayment
  • Nissan X-Trail – P 95,000 cash discount or P 83,000 all-in low downpayment
  • Nissan Patrol – P 330,000 cash discount
What’s more, select variants of the Nissan Navara come with a free bedliner accessory under this promo.

For those curious about the headline, this is how the Almera is priced now:
  • Almera 1.2L MT - P 657,000 SRP (new SRP: P 442,000)
  • Almera 1.5L E MT - P 735,000 SRP (new SRP: P 500,000)
  • Almera 1.5L E AT - P 824,000 SRP (new SRP: P 589,000)
  • Almera 1.5L VL AT - P 933,000 SRP (new SRP: P 698,000)
  • Almera 1.5 E MT N-Sport - P 735,000 SRP (new SRP: P 530,000)
  • Almera 1.5 E AT N-Sport - P 890,000 SRP (new SRP: P 685,000)
The Nissan Safer Drives and Deals is available at all authorized Nissan dealerships nationwide.

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