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October 17, 2020

Toyota Motor PH Confirms Local Units Affected by Faulty Fuel Pump

Update: Toyota Motor Philippines releases the full list of affected models (10/21).

During the launch of the 2021 Fortuner, Toyota Motor Philippines has confirmed that it’s been holding a recall (aka service campaign) surrounding the fuel pump.

Stated by Rainnier Gregorio, First Vice-President for Customer Service Operations, Fortuner SUVs equipped with the 2.7-liter 4-cylinder 2TR-FE gasoline engine are affected. The units manufactured between November 2017 to September 2018 are affected.

Mr. Gregorio has been quick to say that Toyota Motor Philippines has notified owners of the problem. With the gasoline variant being dropped this 2021, the refreshed Fortuner isn’t affected by this problem.

Globally, the problem is said to cover around 3.2 million units worldwide. It’s the same issue plaguing Honda and Mitsubishi models in that the fuel pumps are found to have plastic impellers that have low molecular density. In time, this may cause the fuel pump to stop operating and may lead to engine stalling. Owners have complained of rough engine running, engine not starting, and loss of power while driving at low speeds.

We have reached out to Toyota Motor Philippines to see if more models are affected by this fuel pump recall.


  1. Can we also raise the problem on the steering wheel leather. Majority of the 2016 to 2019 fortuner units do have quality problem on the steering wheel cover

  2. HOY TOYOTA!!!! Yung mga RUSH namin matagal na sira mga FUEL PUMP!!!! sa dami na nasiraan sa hihgway!!! RECALL nyo na! BWISIT bkt hangang ngayon wala pa din RECALL??!!!!

  3. same here po problem ko rin fuel pump ng toyota rush ko


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