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October 15, 2020

Autosweep RFID Still Working on Interoperability with EasyTrip RFID

No, Autosweep RFID hasn’t forgotten. While EasyTrip, the exclusive tag issuer of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation-operated expressways has the leg up when it comes to RFID interconnectivity, San Miguel Corporation-owned Autosweep says interoperability from their end isn’t far behind.

While Autosweep is often regarded as the better of the two RFID systems in the country, they admit they’ve lagged behind when it comes to interoperability. Intelligent E-Processes Technologies Corporation (IETC), a part of SMC Infrastructure says they are working on a unified toll collection system for faster, more convenient, and safer travel for all motorists. Although no exact timeline was given, they did say that they’re working to deliver this at the “soonest possible time.”

In the meantime, IETC and SMC Tollways reminds motorists that that the EasyTrip RFID cannot be used on any of the SMC-operated roll roads: Skyway, NAIAX, SLEX, STAR, and TPLEX.

On the other hand, the Autosweep RFID can be used at MPTC-operated expressways: NLEX, CAVITEX, C5 Link, CALAX, and SCTEX for as long as steps have been done to apply for interconnectivity.

With around two weeks before all expressways stop accepting cash payments, have you applied for your RFID yet? If not, check out the list of RFID stickering locations below:

Autosweep RFID

EasyTrip RFID


  1. Had my Autosweep RFID linked to Easytrip last Sept. 12th at Shell Magallanes and was told to wait for an SMS or email after 15 working days. It's been more than a month now and I have yet to receive any word from Easytrip! They're so hard to reach via phone, email and FB! Anlapit na ng November 2nd "cashless" sa mga expressways! Very lousy customer service kayo Easytrip!!! ��

    1. Agreed. Also had difficulty reaching them. In the end, I did get my account number by phone number. It took about 3 weeks for that to happen.

  2. I think they didn't lag, because we all know they have the better RFID System. Might seem that easytrip cant keep up with how good rfid's system is. Hence, the interoperability problem between the 2. Just sayin' :)

  3. any station n maikli pila para makakuha ng autosweep sir?
    s magallanes po kasi sobra haba tapos may numbering sila

  4. any station n maikli pila para makakuha ng autosweep sir?
    s magallanes po kasi sobra haba tapos may numbering sila

  5. All tollgates date for installation sticker is not available


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