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September 1, 2023

MPTC Tollways Ready For Cashless Dry Run, Are You?

MPT Mobility encourages motorists to get their RFID stickers installed in their vehicles in preparation for the dry run of 100 percent RFID lanes in select toll plazas.

“We’re laying down the foundations for the smart urban future that we’re envisioning for Filipinos,” says Jack L. Coson, President and General Manager of Easytrip. “Ultimately, we [MPT Mobility] are aiming for an elevated customer experience and hassle-free driving for Filipinos. With this new implementation, motorists will relish cashless transactions—reflecting MPT Mobility’s commitment to enhancing convenience and efficiency for all motorists.”

Here is a handy guide in case you still have not gotten your Easytrip RFID:

What Will You Need?

To make the transition to Easytrip RFID as smooth as the journey itself, new users must prepare the following requirements before September 1, 2023:
  • Subscription Form
    Provide essential details including name, email address for monthly statements, mobile number for account advisories, and complete address.
  • Vehicle Information
    Present your vehicle’s plate number or conduction number. In case these are unavailable, presenting a copy of the Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR) will suffice.
  • Payment for Initial Load
    Select your vehicle class (Class 1, 2, or 3) and load value (P 100, P 200, P 500, P 1,000), making your travel-ready Easytrip RFID sticker.
Where Does It Go?

The Easytrip personnel present will help new users choose from two types of RFID stickers to best suit a vehicle’s setup, to be placed on either a headlamp or the windshield. Both offer the same seamless experience, so customers need only consider what aligns with their preferences and vehicle structure.

Where Can I Get One?

Finding a convenient location to get your Easytrip RFID sticker is effortless. Use the Easytrip Station Finder to locate an Easytrip RFID Station near you. While RFID installation is available at some toll plazas, visiting dedicated stations is recommended for swift transactions and to dodge expressway congestion.

For those ready to make the shift to RFID, NLEX toll plazas like NLEX Connector C3 Ramp, and España Toll Barrier currently offer this service. Starting September 1, however, additional toll plazas like Pulilan Northbound, Sta. Rita Northbound, San Simon Northbound, Dau Southbound, and Dolores will also facilitate Easytrip RFID installations. CALAX and C5 Link Toll Plazas will also join the RFID revolution on the same date.

Soon, RFID caravans offering installation, replacement, and Autosweep enrollment services will hit the road once more. These caravans will be stationed in malls and nearby provinces, making it even more convenient for you to get your RFID sticker. Stay in the loop by following Easytrip on Facebook or Twitter for announcements.

I already have an Autosweep RFID. Can I use it on MPTC Expressways?

For Autosweep subscribers, Autosweep RFID stickers are accepted at all MPTC expressways. All they have to do is visit any Easytrip RFID Station or caravan with their vehicle and the installed Autosweep sticker onto it. Easytrip will seamlessly integrate the Autosweep sticker, creating a unified experience across these expressways. Subscribers, however, still need to maintain and reload separate two RFID accounts. Once installation is complete, subscribers can immediately use their RFID. 


  1. If the only reason to have the RFID is to have cashless payments to facilitate faster flow of traffic, why can't the RFID be transferable between cars. Why do you still have to register? Why can't a person just buy an RFID without presenting any ID?

    Privacy Commission should investigate this.

  2. Plus side of MPTC it’s radar read RFID as you enter the toll gate unlike SMC’s it reads it when you’re at the both. Negative side MPC charges a fee every time you top up using a credit card while SMC No fees at all. While both operators you cannot access your statement!

    1. We've really gone backwards, haven't we? Our ETC systems used to be based on Active RFID technology (E-Pass/Easytrip Transponders), which can be read from relatively far distances and at very high speeds to boot. With regards to statements, both operators send out e-SOAs every month, while Autosweep also lets you request SOAs on-demand in their app.


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