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September 27, 2023

Nissan Goes "Fast And Furious" With This Urban Electric Hot Hatch

Nissan thinks European urban EVs could look something like this: meet the Nissan Concept 20-23. Designed by Nissan Design Europe to commemorate its 20th anniversary, the Nissan Concept 20-23 had one simple brief: it’s an urban car with no constraints that its designers would like to drive on the streets of the cities where they work. The fact that the design team had young members could explain the “Fast and Furious” elements like the scissor doors.

Per Nissan, the Concept 20-23 is a modern twist on small hatchbacks that reflects both the world of online racing and the company’s own participation in Formula E.

The Concept 20-23’s basic 3-door hatchback body-style features extreme aerodynamic bits. The front may convey a friendly appearance with its thin upper and lower semi-circle LED lighting, but the rest of it is made to govern airflow.

For example, at the sides, the Concept 20-23 has extended wheel arches with large wheels and low-profile tires. The top side of the wheel arches front and rear even feature vented louvres. At the rear, a large single-piece spoiler emerges from the roof rail, with end plates that curve near vertical close to the C-pillar.

While technically an exterior design concept, the Concept 20-23 does have an interior that reflects the sporty nature of the exterior. It’s a futuristic interpretation of a racing car’s bare functionality (it also happens to be inspired by online racing simulator setups).

A brace bar runs across the door openings requiring the driver and passenger to step over it in order to reach their seats. From there, the near-white finish deep bucket seats with large head-support are reminiscent of racing cars. The driver has a long-extended steering column supported by a carbon fiber mount. A rectangular steering wheel contains all the controls. Between the two occupants, two metal beams hold the center console in position and are bolted to the “spine” of the car that appears from the floor. Beneath the two brace bars, a fire extinguisher is mounted.

The release of the Nissan Concept 20-23 comes at turning point for Nissan which has announced 100 percent all electric sales in Europe by 2030.

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