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Friday, September 29, 2023

Honda Has Come Up With Their First Production V8 Engine

In a company first, Honda has made their first production V8 engine and it comes with VTEC too! Meet the 350-horsepower BF350 engine.

Sadly, there’s a catch: you won’t be able to equip it to any road-going vehicle. Instead, this 5.0-liter VTEC V8 is made to power marine vehicles. The marine engine features a 60-degree V-angle and offers low noise and vibration. As a bonus, it does have the distinct and rich sound of a V8 powertrain.

The Honda BF350 features BLAST or Boosted Low Speed Torque mode for instant and powerful acceleration. Then, at constant speeds, the ECOmo mode reduces fuel consumption by optimizing the fuel system. When extra power is needed, VTEC kicks in providing a surge of acceleration.

The marine engine also features cruise control, trim limit (to avoid trimming the engine when docking up with just the push of a button) and trim support (three customizable presets to get the boat on the plane).

Accompanying the outboard V8 motor is a new controller with a five-button multi-function panel and a highly visible neutral position indicator, all enhanced in a leather grain for comfort. It also incorporates iST (Intelligent Shift and Throttle) for precise electronic engine response to control multiple engines with a single lever.

Advanced as it is, Honda designers also gave the Honda Marine BF350 a distinctive design characterized by a slim, one-motion silhouette that’s “harmonious with the water.” It comes in two colors: Aquamarine Silver or Grand Prix White. Both designs are embossed with three-dimensional chrome plated logos and trims.

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