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September 9, 2023

GAC Motor Has Sold Over 1,000 Vehicles In The Philippines So Far This Year

Astara Philippines, the official distributor of GAC Motor vehicles in the country has announced an important sales milestone: they’ve managed to move their 1,000th unit.

The retail sales milestone is quite an achievement for GAC Motor given that they’ve managed to do it in less than a year.

Based on the latest industry data from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI), GAC Motor achieved year-to-date retail sales of 1,017 units (January to August).

Astara Philippines credits its strong performance to its new product offerings, particularly the 7-seater GS8 SUV. The all-new GS3 Emzoom has also been well-received by the buying public.

Franz Decloedt, Brand Head of GAC Motor, said: “We are beyond thrilled to share yet another remarkable milestone for GAC. In a mere eight months, we have proudly welcomed over 1,000 delighted GAC owners across the nation. Our optimism and determination are stronger than ever as we set our sights on breaking the 2,000 mark by year-end. This achievement stands as a testament to the trust our customers place in our brand and the invaluable support from our dealer partners, all of which enhance the ownership experience.”

The company also appointed four new dealers, which will be part of the growing network to sell GAC Motor vehicles and offer after-sales service. Decloedt added, “We are fully committed to accelerate our network growth across the country as this will enhance the accessibility of GAC and help ensure a convenient purchase and worry-free after-sales experience for all our customers wherever they may be.”


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  2. Kudos GAC, go full blast on putting up more dealerships

  3. GAC seems to be just right on track.

  4. 1500 sales yes it'll happen as there's a huge demand for Emzoon R Style and Emkoo
    Sales of GS8 is doing very well too

  5. If Astara GAC Philippines continues with its current prices and aggressive marketing campaign definitely they can overtake Geely dominance as Chinese NEW carmakers KING. I hope they don't give the consumers headache what they experienced with GEELY BAD aftersales service and spare parts unavailability. LOW PRICES and Big Discounts are the key to attract the buyers public attention.

    1. Slim chance it'll beat Geely as it doesn't have a very affordable vehicle at 700k to 900k Peso price range
      Base and mid variants of the Emzoom aren't selling well as most buyers prefer the R Style.
      GAC Motor dealers don't give away cash discounts anymore on best selling newer vehicles like the Emkoo,Emzoom ans GS8 as the pricing is on its limit now they can give.😂
      Geely got much wider selection of affordable value for money vehicles and they give away huge cash discounts.

  6. 1000 sales is good?

  7. Old brand head got booted out since he was not able to open up dealership quite fast and overpriced GAC products at the start of the year. Supposed to be he promised 2,000 units this year and 8 months and counting they are at the 1,000 unit mark.

    Astara should copy Chery's aggressive marketing - wala pang Omoda at Jaecoo dami ng press release.

    1. Ohh that's spicy. Quite aggressive and optimistic for a relatively newcomer brand with models that are definitely exciting yet with unproven reliability. Sure GAC as a conglomerate partners with Toyota/Mitsu? in China. But Trumpchi, which is the subbrand sold here in PH, is a different story.

      Imo, changing heads is too soon.

  8. Maybe next year they'll sell 2000 units of GAC vehicles once the number of franchised dealerships mostly owned by Gateway opens in 2024.
    Wheels Manila Bay and E Rodriguez are doing well in selling GAC vehicles so does GAC Pasig which is still owned by Legado Motors.
    GAC Astara mostly do its aggressive marketing on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube which Ford and other Japanese car brands are also doing as its cheaper and more people can view their ads rather spending millions of doing ads at TV networks where the ad run time is smaller and only a few people can watch.


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